Kenton Intros Interchanger Smart MIDI Patch Bay

UK MIDI specialists Kenton Electronics has introduced the Interchanger, a flexible programmable MIDI patch bay that they say is as useful on stage as it is in the studio.

The Interchanger offers a wide range of MIDI Ins and Outs, including 8 DIN MIDI inputs, 8 DIN MIDI Outputs, 4 USB Host ports, a USB Device Port, a 16×16 routing matrix that lets you route any combination of inputs to any combination of outputs:


  • 8x DIN MIDI inputs and outputs on the back panel. Pairs 7 & 8 are also duplicated on the front panel for easy access – which input is active is set in the configuration.
  • 4x USB ‘host’ ports for up to 4 class compliant USB MIDI devices, each of which can be a source and destination in the routing matrix.
  • USB ‘device’ port to allow the Interchanger to be connected to a computer, where it appears as
  • 4x inputs and outputs that can be used as sources and destinations in the routing matrix.
  • 16×16 internal routing matrix (8x DIN I/O, 4x USB host, 4x USB device) – any combination of inputs can be routed to any combination of outputs.
  • Multiple operations can be chained at each intersection on the routing matrix – including MIDI merging, filtering, scaling, transposition and message transformation.
  • Fully programmable on the unit itself, although a remote editor program is planned as well.
  • Can store and recall 255 patches, as well as 255 scenes. As part of a scene, the Interchanger can send out MIDI program changes and bank select messages for each channel on each port.
  • Has a dedicated 3-digit LED display showing the current scene number for easy visibility.
  • Dual assignable footswitch inputs.
  • Multiple units can be linked together for an expanded routing matrix.
  • 1U rack unit with removable ears.

Pricing and Availability:

Kenton says that the Interchanger is still in development, so details on pricing and availability are to be announced.

18 thoughts on “Kenton Intros Interchanger Smart MIDI Patch Bay

  1. A great company.I remember buying a pro solo midi to CV converter a long time ago.Great to see this in 19 inch rack format.I think I will get one of these.

  2. Hope there will have a support for Linux. Similar to the MOTU Midi Timepiece AV, which unfortunately has no driver for Linux.

  3. Seems to be a very useful tool, but the missing RTP connectivity would be a dealbreaker for me. I got quite some synths & drumies going on – all hooked up to 3 mioXL. The RTP allows me to have both: computer connection and a direct connection to the Cirklon Sequencer as a center of the setup: And everything super fast as no midi-cable-only-setup would perform. But Kenton is still a brand that helped me a lot in the past.

    1. Dumb question alert…

      What is RTP connectivity?

      BTW – I think this midi patch bay looks fantastic… probably a very useful piece of kit.

    2. I’m just waiting on my Cirklon (a few years wait) and was wondering how to rig it up with my Daw at the same time and saw your comment. With the mioXL do you just connect the Cirklon to the mioXL using ethernet then you can trigger the synths from either the DAW or the Cirklon without having to keep flipping settings about? Seems like a real streamliner to me. Does it keep timing tighter too? I’m currently using midi express and it’s ok and USB midi for most of my synths/drummies!

    1. the iconnectivity interfaces must be configured from an external device. The software is not friendly at all.

  4. the iconnevtivity interfaces must be configured from an external device. The software is not friendly at all.

  5. Great to see another solid high end midi option. But it looks like the iConnectivity mio XL still has the edge on this one.

  6. Great to see 19″ MIDI patchbays are making a comeback! This will be useful to many who own a big hardware setup.

  7. Would be nice if the USB ports are not limited to MIDI devices so to be able to stick in something else. The Midisport 4×4 are sometimes quirky when you start them and send lot of MIDI sensing/clock data. Hope this won’t have the problem. Hope it’s generic class compliant and not the Apple/Windows proprietary “class compliant” versions that are only class compliant with the Apple/Windows class compliant drivers. (Which is not really class compliant, but just sounds great). Too bad no RTP, that would have been so welcome but perhpas that will reflect in a lower pricepoint

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