Roland Marks 808 Day With $808 Bomber Jacket

Roland marked ‘808 Day’ (Aug 8th) this year by introducing a Limited Edition 808 Day 2021 Bomber Jacket.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“For those who prefer to wear their TR-808 love on their sleeve (or back), Roland Lifestyle is releasing limited-edition 808 Day 2021 Bomber Jackets starting at 8:08 A.M. PDT on August 8, 2021.

Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, the unique handmade jackets feature rich satin and heavy embroidery with TR-808 inspired elements. Only 88 of the custom jackets will be available to purchase, and each will be numbered for authenticity.”

Pricing and Availability

The 808 Day 2021 Bomber Jacket is available from the Roland Lifestyle website for $808 while supplies last.

26 thoughts on “Roland Marks 808 Day With $808 Bomber Jacket

    1. Should have been limited to 80 units since it was released in 1980.

      The real head turner is that Roland is allergic to analog and won’t do an analog 808 MKII

    1. roland doing marketing and not listening to artists …
      RD-8 MKII costs almost only a third of their fancy jacket …

  1. Hey I really need a decent genuine leather jacket. Doesn’t have to be fashionable or cost $808. Weird logos I guess are OK but shouldn’t it cost less then? Maybe they can send me a free leather jacket to advertise their product.

    88 jackets total is interesting. Do they do the 88 orders and then custom make according to the sizes ordered. And if doing that why not just some kickstarter thing.

    Weird thing is no where on that page do they even say it is leather. I’m sure it is for $808, but they should actually say that. Also where they got the leather.

    1. It doesn’t look to be made of leather; also the description says it’s made from “rich satin”.

      A lot of times they[bomber jackets] are made of some poly/rayon/nylon/spandex blend.

    2. why do you think it’s made out of leather when it clearly says it’s made out of satin? not every expensive jacket is automatically made out of leather

  2. a jacket? Roland needs to find a ‘Tats’ Tatsuya Takahashi minded person to do for them what he did for Korg. i feel like Roland could be so much more at this point, they are doing some cool stuff but there’s that extra 10% that could push them into being an incredible creative force, IMO obvs.

  3. i got an 808 shirt for like $15 at uniqlo a few years back and its got a better design than any of the stuff they’re selling on that website.

  4. you know – they could have just sold them for $8.08 instead -it would make more sense too since it would be 8.08 on 8.08 and not 80800

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