Dreadbox Typhon Updated With Audio Over USB & More

Dreadbox has introduced a firmware update for the Typhon that adds audio over USB and more.

Here’s what’s new in Dreadbox Typhon v4, which is now available as a beta release:

1.Bug fixes
– A loud noise on unit startup could occur under certain circumstances.
This bug was caused by a firmware fault and now got fixed.

2. MIDI over USB
– Typhon gets recognised as a MIDI/USB device and can now send and receive MIDI messages from a Computer. This feature can work in parallel to the DIN5 MIDI and the user can select the port configurations from the global settings.

3. Audio over USB
-Typhon gets recognised as Audio/USB device. This feature enables Typhon to act as an audio input and be recorded from a computer directly without the use of a sound card. This feature got implemented to support the previous described feature so as the user doesn’t have to connect the physical audio out to his sound card, and so on create a ground loop, which cause a constant buzzing at Typhon’s audio.

2 thoughts on “Dreadbox Typhon Updated With Audio Over USB & More

  1. I just updated. Ran Audacity, the Typhon input popped right up – turned on monitoring, started the sequencer, and it worked flawlessly.

    Then I connected it to an ipad air. Again, worked perfectly.

    This is a very exciting development for the Typhon. The instrument just keeps getting better and better.

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