10 thoughts on “Metrika Balcazar Live

    1. except that the genres are completely different. the only thing that is the same is they are playing outside. did you even watch their video before you trashed their stuff? This kind of comment, as well as what was said about the modular performance in another post is really unhelpful and uncalled for.

      1. Honestly I read this comment and some of the others as inane light hearted banter. It’s pretty obvious that the genres are different. And also the filming style and aesthetic is totally different. I mean, Mario Marthy has also said that his video was a joke, whereas this one is clearly serious.

        It didn’t even occur to me that this was actually accusing anyone of plagiarism or trashing anything, or accusing anyone of actually being behind the times.

        Maybe it’s a cultural thing. And yes you’re totally right that we should consider the feelings of the artists when commenting.

    2. This is *at least* 40 years ahead of the live, remote video of your music that we’ve never seen from you.

      Honestly, the world is already shitty enough. What is the point of posting this type of comment? “This reminds me of Jarre in 78 ….” says the same thing without the needless put down. I mean, unless this comment was meant to be used as your Master’s thesis argument or something.

    3. Ps @goat and @will
      you can see Jarre smiling, Mario laughing in the music videos.
      They know how silly it is.

      There are many things on Earth to be serious, concerned about.
      For you @goat and @will to be so caught up in this light hearted post from me
      is immature from you two.

      1. You’re the one that keeps posting multiple responses. I can only assume, or rather, I hope, that means you feel kind of bad about your original post.

        That said, immature is an odd choice of words. I won’t speak for the other poster. I was just asking for people to be more respectful of others’ creative endeavors, which, is kind of a mature way to associate with others.

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