Stochastic Inspiration Generator Hands-On Demo

This pair of videos, via Brandon Logic, demonstrate the Stochastic Instruments Stochastic Inspiration Generator, a sequencer module that responds to your probabilistic musical direction, starting with the fundamental musical atoms of pitch, duration, octave and articulation, and controlling how likely different variants will be in real time.

In the video above, four melodic voices are controlled by the Stochastic Inspiration Generator.

The second video, below, demonstrates capturing a sequence andn then manipulating the start and endpoints of the loop:

Each event the Stochastic Inspiration Generator creates has its pitch, octave, duration, onset, offset, portamento and ratchet set by probability controls. You can exert as much or as little control over what the next event will be as you wish.

Details are available at the Stochastic Instruments site.


7 thoughts on “Stochastic Inspiration Generator Hands-On Demo

  1. This module (especially with the expander) is definitely worth the money. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you do, you have a modular duet partner. It is so much fun! It is kind of like .. having four MTM Turing Machines + Quantizers all combined together with different note lengths, rests, pattern lengths, etc. The creator is very communicative in the related thread on ModWiggler (and via email), too.

  2. Alright, my nipples got pretty hard listening to demo 2, I’m sold. Currently have a bloom for random sequencing duties and it is cool, but the interface is not very intuitive and “playable”. This might be replacing it I reckon.

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