Audio Damage Intros Other Desert Cities Delay For iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows

Audio Damage has introduced Other Desert Cities, a new delay effect for iOS, Linux, macOS & Windows, named after a famous sign on the I-10 highway leaving Los Angeles.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“As its namesake implies, there are many strange and wonderful things lurking inside.

With six algorithms, each with its own unique personality, and extensive modulation capabilities, Other Desert Cities can fill multiple niches, from basic stereo dual delays to never-before-heard granular pitch-shifting chaos.”


  • Desert Shores Stereo Delay. This is a standard dual delay, with basic EQ, saturation, crossfeed, and spread.
  • Mecca Reverse Delay. A normal dual delay, except the repeats play backwards.
  • Cactus Dual-Delta Delay. This is like a pair of tape delays in use, with individual speed controls and pitch quantizing.
  • Thermal Mullti-Tap Delay. A dual multi-tap, with spread, crossfeed, and basic EQ.
  • Mirage Multi-Head Delay. Imagine if you had a tape delay, but the head was like the rotating head in a VCR. Experimental, strange, and wonderful.
  • Sky Valley Granular Delay. A pitch-shifting granular delay, with control over grain size and scatter, and with EQ.

Pricing and Availability

Other Desert Cities is available now with an intro price of $59 (normally $79).

23 thoughts on “Audio Damage Intros Other Desert Cities Delay For iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows

  1. Audio Damage’s Chris Randall does not honor is own return policy “If not satisfied, get your money back no question asked”. A lot of people don’t trust AD anymore, go for Vahalla DSP instead or any other developer that respect their clients…

    1. I’ll heavily second this. I hate to not support small brands, but their support track record for me is inconsistent. Support emails where i was berated no less for having the audacity to ask for support.

    2. I know chris and I doubt this is the whole story. If it is you should contact him again. CR doesn’t suffer fools, it is true, but he s a good guy so long as you are not taking advantage.

      1. It’s all documented in a number of threads on modwiggler you can just grab some popcorn and read it yourself. Most people were bummed out that he seemed indignant and just stopped responding. AD had some very cool designs in eurorack format.

    3. I completely reject Tomahawk’s statements about Chris Randall and Audio Damage.

      Who are these “A lot of people?”

      I’ve been an Audio Damage customer since 2010 and have only had positive and helpful responses whenever I’ve asked questions about products via support channels. In addition, Chris Randall is responsive and insightful whenever I’ve asked him music tech questions on Twitter, including questions unrelated to his products.

      tl;dr Whatever, man.

      (No disrespect to Valhalla, who also make amazing plugins!)

    4. dude, give it a rest. You’ve been talking shit about AD on multiple forums and you sound like a lunatic. I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them over the years.
      >Some people are saying that Tomahawk likes to eat kittens. I seen it on the facebooks, so it must be true.

      1. “dude” “eat kittens” “you sound like a lunatic”. You sound like you’re 12 years old.
        “You’ve been talking shit about AD on multiple forums”. That’s pure BS and you know it.

        “I’ve had nothing but good experiences with them over the years.”
        We’re all very happy for you but i don’t know if you can comprehend “a lot of people” (!)
        i’ve had bad experiences with CR or no support from AD.
        Just on this thread there are 4 (four) other users who say they had problems with AD,
        give it a rest.

        As with CR or AD, I got no more time for this BS…

    5. And I should trust a “tomahawk” who talks about “a lot of people” while providing no verifiable information. OK.

      1. I don’t need to provide anything for you to verify, “Hans”. I did my job by sharing my experience with AD. If you do a search right on this site about AD products in the last few years, you’ll quickly realize “a lot of people” have had similar problems with CR’s attitude (even on this thread, see “Un Herisson”). There are so many better, skilled, trustable and friendly developers out there…

        1. Well, and I don’t need to take you seriously then, especially provided the bunch of people above and below stating the opposite to you.

    6. I’ve been an Audio Damage customer since 2010 and not only are their products of the highest quality, Chris Randall has always been professional, responsive, and helpful when I’ve needed product assistance. In addition to professional support, I follow him on Twitter and he takes the time to answer my general music tech questions (ie questions unrelated to his products) when asked.

      So, to Tomahawk and others, I must reject your assessment as my experience with Audio Damage has consistently been positive and the polar opposite of what you’re asserting.

    7. I tried it and it’s a great plugin. Cactus mode gets you into Count to 5 territory instantly. A Random LFO shape would have been nice though. You can create a pseudo random LFO by combining 2 LFOs, but then you have none left.

      As for Chris Randall… I remember I once had some kind of MIDI problem with one of their instruments. Chris’ initial reaction was to sarcastically lecture me on the basics of MIDI (I had been an audio professional for 20 years at that time). Turned out a few days later that it was indeed a bug… IIRC Chris apologized, so all good. But it still makes me chuckle every time CR’s customer handling comes up.

  2. i have several dead Audio Damage plugins, at least 8. No longer supported (and my Mac OS system is up to date). I wont give them another dime. Had to leave that ecosystem. Buy at your own risk. I also unloaded the audio damage eurorack modules i had because they were very noisy.

  3. This sounds good. But dont’t like how AD ports plugins to iOS. Like No proper resizing and minuscule controls.

    what daw is this?

  4. I am not a big fan of Audio Damage. I had issues with them when I bought Quadra (it was crashing) and got no support at all. I realized after that it was probably because I had bought it from Plugin Boutique, and they may have thought that I had pirated it, since it was not registered on the AD site. But I have to admit that the demo video makes this delay plug-in very tempting.

  5. Leaving aside this specific developer; try to imagine, if you will, a brilliant software developer with “problematic” people skills…

    Seriously, we can’t really separate great software development from great support, but they don’t always go hand-in-hand. Also, there are new challenges to software development– especially with rapid changes to platform hardware and OS.

    How is Audio Damage documenation? Tutorials?

    1. There’s a difference between a software developer and the antiquated stereotype of the coder you’re talking about. Isn’t Chris the designer and someone else actually codes the software? A ‘software developer’ would be more akin to the head of a company that should definitely have PR skills. And I know enough from interviews and his twitter he’s got an attitude and seems to fancy himself like the ‘Steve Jobs of audio plugins’.
      Why the need to defend someone that would probably admit themselves that they’re a bit of an arrogant prick?

  6. didnt expect all this drama

    anyways, audio damage plugins have been a go-to for me for like 20 years now… dubstation alone one of the best delays of all time, easy… but most of the others are great too – easy to use and fun to automate

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