What’s Waldorf Teasing? (Superbooth 2021)

Ahead of Superbooth 2021, Waldorf shared this teaser image of a new synthesizer.

What’s Waldorf introducing? They have not officially made any announcement on the new synth, but the red button is reminiscent of controls on the classic Waldorf Wave, along with the Microwave, the Q and and other synths.

Got ideas of what they’re announcing? Share your thoughts in the commets!

13 thoughts on “What’s Waldorf Teasing? (Superbooth 2021)

  1. I termini indietro e vecchi non lasciano intendere nulla di veramente nuovo…fanno anche loro il surf sull’onda, retrò prima che lo facciano altri.

  2. I suspect it will be a modern version of the Microwave or Q. Probably all digital audio path (which would be good from a bang-for-the-buck perspective). Given the recent popularity of analog filters, it’s also possible that they might release a hybrid device. If so, it’ll have a lower voice count and higher price tag.

  3. Maybe the fact that PPG Wave 3.V is on sale for 20USD isn’t just a coincidence…
    Also, the fact that Brainworx acquired PPG might play a part. I would have thought that it’d make those synths into abandonware, yet the Wave plugin is already native on Apple Silicon…
    So, maybe they’re releasing a new take on the PPG Wave.

  4. My money is on a tabletop Microwave 1 akin to Pulse 2. The Microwave came out before the Wave, and was Waldorf’s first synth. I don’t think they will release something like the Wave anytime soon, especially considering the Quantum is still relatively new.

  5. seems like arguably all their synths since that era have had some kind of wavetable functionality – except those little desk modules

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