Free Moog Model 15 Update Lets You Use It In Your DAW

Moog Music has released a free plugin that lets you use their Model 15 Modular Synthesizer virtual instrument in your macOS DAW.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“Earlier this year, we released an update that makes it possible for Mac users running Big Sur to recreate the sounds and workflow of the classic hardware Model 15 modular synthesizer using a macOS device through Audio Unit v3, or as a standalone sound design tool. This macOS compatibility update allowed for seamless integration with Logic, GarageBand, and MainStage for use in studio and live performance environments.

Now, the Model 15 App can be used standalone, as an Audio Unit v3 plugin, Audio Unit v3 and v2 plugin, as a VST3 plugin, or as an effect in your existing audio chain.”

Using Model 15 in Ableton Live:

Automation in Ableton Live:

Pricing and Availability

Moog Model 15 for iOS is available for $29.99. You can download the plugin via the Moog site.

10 thoughts on “Free Moog Model 15 Update Lets You Use It In Your DAW

    1. I agree. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it was coded in an Apple language that makes it hard to port (unlike Korg Gadget for comparison)

      1. Yes all the Moog apps are originally iOS

        I can’t remember the whole conversation – but I remember some guys on here saying that Android sucks for coding audio instrument apps and that’s why there aren’t really that many. Whereas as iOS is quite good at it and that is why there are more

        Interestingly I think the latest MacOS allows you to use iOS on your desktop too which is pretty cool

  1. The update has yet to appear in the Canadian Mac App Store.
    It’ll be nice to have VST3 support to use it in Bitwig Studio (my main DAW). I already worked really in the tiny and hyper efficient Hosting AU. Plus it’s native on Apple Silicon.

  2. That’s a great starter Moog and in a DAW, it can be massive. 7 instances, anybody? Impressive. Also note that there are several sound expansions for it in the App store, so you have some helpful starting points if its a new area for you.

  3. They’ve got a website that’s moving sideways and make apple-only software. They pack a theremini and an etherwave pro in a box and calls it Claravox… there’s deffo stuff to like about Moog, but equally as much to dislike.

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