Synthetic Sound Labs Intros Thundrum Eurorack Module

Synthetic Sound Labs has introduced the Model 2140 Euro Rack Thundrum, an 8hp Euro format version of its two-oscillator FM drum voice.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“SSL experimented with hundreds of modular patch variations to get to the best combination of simplicity and tonal versatility in a reasonably priced, compact and user-friendly format.

The main Tone oscillator (VCO) has a linear control response and is adjustable from zero (not thru-zero) to several kilohertz, but the key to the 2140’s unique sound is its enveloped linear FM (frequency modulation).

A secondary wide range ‘sine’ FM oscillator output is routed thru an internal VCA (FM Amount).  As pre-patched, the modulation depth is controlled by the Envelope output.  This allows higher harmonic contents at the beginning attack of the envelope, which trail off as the tone decays.  Of course, this is entirely under your control, and you can easily patch around this normalization and create your own variations.

The main Tone oscillator is designed to ‘stall’ (zero frequency) at the lowest settings so that you can get unique musically useful pulsing effects when modulated.”

Thundrum was originally released in Moog format. Here’s a video demo by Synthesist John L Rice of the original version:

Pricing and Availability

The Model 2140 Euro Rack Thundrum is available now from Synthetic Sound Labs for $295 USD.

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