Auto-Tune Slice “The World’s Most Advanced Vocal Sampler”

Antares Audio Technology, creators of Auto-Tune, has introduced Auto-Tune Slice, a hybrid instrument that’s both a precision sampler and flexible synthesizer.

The company describes Auto-Tune Slice as “the world’s most advanced vocal sampler.” Auto-Tune Slice is optimized for vocals, but can also be used for beats, instruments, and other audio.

Auto-Tune Slice turns samples into slices that automatically map to your MIDI controller. The application turns any sample into a playable instrument, enabling you to rearrange slices, create new phrases and patterns, and manipulate sounds with 14 onboard effects.

Auto-Tune Slice also “has Auto-Tune baked into its DNA”. Direct Auto-Tune integration lets you tune your samples without ever leaving the Auto-Tune Slice environment. According to the developers, this – along with advanced transient detection – means that it can slice up vocals more accurately than traditional samplers.

Here’s the official tutorial video:


  • A powerful, vocal-optimized sampling instrument
  • Works with almost any audio sample
  • Play any slice chromatically across a keyboard as an instrument
  • Built-in Auto-Tune and the classic “Auto-Tune effect”
  • Exclusive vocal presets representing multiple genres
  • Regular content updates and expansion packs at no extra cost
  • Robust onboard effects rack with 14 recordable effects

Pricing and Availability

Auto-Tune Slice is available with Auto-Tune Unlimited, a subscription service that includes every current edition of Auto-Tune, Auto-Tune Vocodist and all 11 of the vocal effects in the AVOX suite. Current Auto-Tune Unlimited subscribers have immediate access to Auto-Tune Slice at no extra cost. New subscribers can access Auto-Tune Unlimited for $24.99 paid monthly, or $18.74 a month with paid annual subscription. A free, 14-day trial is also available.

12 thoughts on “Auto-Tune Slice “The World’s Most Advanced Vocal Sampler”

  1. “The world’s most …” stopped reading.

    This marketing speech rly getting old … same as autotuning …

  2. This could be interesting, but it doesn’t appear there’s any way to purchase it outright. I want copies of my own software without being forced into rental payments with a remote kill switch.

  3. That´s not a good way to appreciate customers who have invested thousands of $ into AT products over the years and always been supporting the company. Making new products only available as part of a monthly subscription service means no more Antares products for me.

    And on a sidenote: A 25$ prica tag is very ambitious compared to what you get with Roland Cloud or EW Composer Cloud.

  4. All software will become subscription only.
    Pro Tools anyone? Roland? Reason? And list goes on… and expanding with each software upgrades.
    I bet that new Cubase version (coming in December) will become subscription as well.

  5. Now thinking about it, I for example can’t.

    I also can’t name worlds most advanced trumpet samplers, or piano samplers, guitar samplers, violin samplers, flute samplers, harp samplers, cymbal samplers, noise samplers, foliage samplers etc.

    I probably can name some of the worlds most advanced generic samplers.
    But of course most advanced generic samplers are completely different tools, or are they?

    Well, what do I know anyway : )

  6. «Vocal» sampler». Any sampler can record vocals. On the flip side, hiring a competent singer is easier and less time consuming.

    1. Well, my comment was supposed to be a reply for frodo’s, as a “humorous answer”. But it apperared at this oddball location : )

      So, yes I know any sampler can sample vocals and any most advanced sampler can do that in a most advanced way. That was the point actually.


      1. Haha… my comment was ment for that remark as well. As you can see it was not posted as comment on your post. This one however – is. 🙂 cheers.

    2. When all software becomes subscription based, I will stop buying software, simple as that.

      Luckily, there’s also the pay-for-major-updates model from Ableton and others.

  7. Was about to buy it but then, subscription, GTFO, lost my custom + I won’t bother checking anything else Antares does after this.

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