Loopy Pro Promises To Take iPad Music Making To A New Level (Sneak Preview)

Developer Michael Tyson of A Tasty Pixel shared this sneak preview of Loopy Pro, an upcoming über-looper that promises to take iPad music making a new level.

That may sound like hyperbole, but Tyson is the developer of Audiobus, arguably the most important iPad music app ever released. Audiobus brought live, app-to-app audio streaming to iOS, letting users create custom, professional music making rigs entirely on their iPad.

Loopy Pro has been in development for 7 years. Originally named Loopy Masterpiece, it was conceived as an app that would ‘change the platform’ of iPad music making.

iPads have come a long way since Loopy Masterpiece was announced, and Loopy Pro looks like it will exploit the desktop-level processing power of modern iPads in an iPad-native way.

Loopy Pro promises to go far beyond traditional loopers, combining elements of looping, sequencing, iPad MIDI controllers and DAWs. In the sneak preview, Tyson demonstrates how Loopy Pro lets you create custom looping panels of any complexity, add custom controls, add effects, arrange and mix tracks, and build a custom live-looping configuration to meet your needs.

It also offers grid-based clip launching and an arrangement view that take inspiration from the classic Ableton Live workfow.

Official details on Loopy Pro are still to be announced. In the meantime, check out the sneak preview and share your thoughts on Loopy Pro in the comments!

20 thoughts on “Loopy Pro Promises To Take iPad Music Making To A New Level (Sneak Preview)

  1. There was a software called Zen Audio ALK looper. It had similar functionality where you lay out tracks in an arrangement and those tracks would be trigger to record once the playhead entered those events. Was a great way to do some hands off live looping. The software seemed to be abandoned but now that feature is here. I downloaded the demo and it was great. Not having to set up a loop pedal or midi controller to start/stop the loops made it super fun to just go in hard.
    Set up tracks with a different instrument then just start recording. Loopy has always been a pretty fun program to use, just trapped in an ipad. This pro version looks very enticing, especially with the arranger.

  2. According to the dev this was developed on an iPad Air 2 and will support iOS 11 and up. Absolutely amazing. Check out the intro video.

  3. Since discchord went into hibernation (hopefully, it returns!!) I’ve had a harder time finding news in iOS music making apps. Seems like that development scene has been pretty sleepy, so this is a welcome bit of news.

    I don’t know much about hardware loopers, but it seems like combining this with a good hardware MIDI controller and you have a next-big-thing looper.

    That vid didn’t include any details about how flexible this is in terms of rhythmic structure. I’ve gotten the impression from Tyson’s other videos that he puts a lot of thought into balancing flexibility/power with ease of use. And, as with many developers, he might limit capabilities (like non-4/4 time sigs) that are not of interest to him. I do hope that I’m wrong about this.

      1. Thanks, @anickt I’ll go ahead and add that audiobus link to my daily visits. Hopefully, I’ll see some of the discchord gang over there.

  4. Wow! I remember when this developer was making youtube videos on this loopy pro from like 6-7 years ago, it nice to see it finally completed.

  5. I’m using Loopy HD on my iPad and Loopy on my iPhone as a sketchbook & I love it !!!
    Can’t wait for Loopy Pro ! It’s gonna be a beast App ??

  6. Love this Guy , he deserves all the success in the world with this app he’s clearly grafted and put in the hard hours .. looks amazing

  7. Will this do MIDI recording, looping and sequencing?

    This was mentioned years ago in one of the Loopy Masterpiece videos, but there’s no mention of it in this Loopy Pro video.

    1. @iman

      They will not be in the initial release but it has been mentioned that they will be added. Also, the price has been indicated to be in the $40-50 range, maybe less at launch. For more info go to the AudioBus forum.

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