New Korg Prologue Sound Library Inspired By Dune Soundtrack

LFO Store has introduced Arakis, a new sound library for the Korg Prologue 8/16, inspired by the soundtrack to the new movie of Dune.

“We had a huge inspiration after seeing reboot of Dune and put all our effort to this sounds,” note the developers. “Here you will find all what you need for writing your desert soundtrack, electronic song, ambient & cinematic music.”

The library includes 55 presets:

  • Massive Basses
  • Moving Leads
  • Unusual modular Arpeggios
  • Recreation of famous sounds of Juno & CS Series
  • Beautiful cinematic strings – massive & wide
  • Organic pads & low drones
  • Bells & Plucks

Pricing and Availability

Arakis is available now for $20.

6 thoughts on “New Korg Prologue Sound Library Inspired By Dune Soundtrack

  1. Nice sounds for cheap, which gives the LFO Store a lot of cred. They deliver good feels.

    A big plus for me is what I learn from reverse-engineering the patches that grab my ear first. I can get two or three added sets from massaging the factory presets for a while. Just don’t build a huge library you don’t use enough. Its easy to do. BTW, if a synth has banks A, B & C (or especially a D), the last one always has the best alien noises and sound effects in it. There’s often also a couple of unique, roaring organs or guitars that crap on the A bank.

    This isn’t true for pure sampler realms like orchestral or mad percussion kits, but with synths, if you can tweak sounds on the fly pretty well, those three sets CAN be all the paint you’ll need. Of course, I’m also part-hypocrite, ’cause I’d be cramming a Prologue with patches and Sinevibes models. Oops.

    1. Korg has done a terrible job of marketing the Prologue. It’s got range that it seems like no one has fully explored.

      This seems like a good sound library, but the Prologue can do much more.

      Korg has also completely dropped the ball on the user oscillator & effects capabilities. Sinevibes has done more than Korg to promote user oscillators & effects and Sinevibes is just one guy, who occasionally does stuff for the Prologue (and it’s always impressive).

      It’s really incomprehensible to me that Korg has no interest in promoting their flagship analog synth. Do they have too many synths in the lineup? Or is it that they just have no clue how to promote a synth with multi-engine capabilities?

      The hammondeggsmusic reverbs for the Prologue are good enough that I’d love to see a ‘Prologue XL’ that just adds audio inputs, a second user effects engine, the ability to control panning on the upper & lower parts & support for poly aftertouch.

      tldr version: Nice work. If you’ve got a Prologue, check out what Sinevibes and hammondeggsmusic have done. Korg should do the same.

      1. Heartily agree. The community github hasn’t been updated since January – and I know there are new entries – mine included. It’s like there’s only one developer and he’s doing all the SDK work on all the logue products – even modwave.

        If they only doubled the CPU Memory and user oscillator I/O, I would never need another synth.

        Yeah, love sinevibes work, dirtbox, and hammond too! Especially effects with the wet/dry control – I still hang an H9 on the output.

        Also effects CPU/memory, it’s easy to overload the effect processor.

        I LOVE prologue 16 – my last synth.

        1. The real sad part is the developer openly admits they hobbled it to prevent folks from writing entire synthesizers for it instead of just another harmonically rich oscillator. It’s a real shame the community isn’t even really supported for bug fixes and features; they only fixed a very few of the bugs/omissions still in the SDK. :0(

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