Cherry Audio Products Get Native Apple Silicon M1 Mac Support

Cherry Audio has released updates for its line of software synths and effects (except Voltage Modular) to add native Apple Silicon M1 support.

In addition, all Cherry Audio instruments now include a new “Quality” oversampling feature, fixes for rare Mac login issues, and other bug fixes.

The following new versions include native support for Apple Silicon M1:

  • DCO-106 1.2.0 Build 51
  • CA2600 1.2.0 Build 101
  • Surrealistic MG-1 Plus 1.2.0 Build 65
  • Polymode 1.2.0 Build 53
  • Eight Voice 1.2.0 Build 106
  • PS-20 1.2.0 Build 96
  • Memorymode 1.2.0 Build 124
  • Mercury-4 1.2.0 Build 96
  • Stardust 201 Tape Echo 1.0.11 Build 36

Customers can download the latest version from their library on the Cherry Audio site.

6 thoughts on “Cherry Audio Products Get Native Apple Silicon M1 Mac Support

    1. When testing 3d renders in Blender, i saw a 20% increase in speed when using the Apple Silicon version instead of the Intel version. Would it be better or worse for plugins ? I don’t know. I haven’t yet upgraded all my music software to Apple Silicon.

        1. 1. Buy a Mac mini M1
          2. Download Blender, latest version for both Intel and Apple Silicon
          3. Render file of your choice on the Mac mini M1 with both versions, sequentially.
          You will see that the Apple Silicon version is roughly 20% faster than the Intel version ran via Rosetta 2.

  1. For what it’s worth: I recently had an issue installing a Cherry Audio AU on my Mac (my system has been very quirky lately) and their support was above and beyond helping me resolve the issue. Solid people and their software is top notch too.

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