The Darkest Timeline 2.0 For Ornament & Crime Hemispheres

This video, via SynthDad, takes a look at The Darkest Timeline 2.0, an app for the Hemisphere firmware for the Ornament & Crime multi-function synth module.

The Darkest Timeline is a complex sequencer which can do MIDI to CV and CV to MIDI conversion as well.

Video Summary:

“In this tutorial, I explain what Darkest Timeline is, how it works, and how to use it in patches. I’ll also show how you can use it to record CV from other modules or from a keyboard like the Arturia Keystep, and even to send MIDI into a DAW. There’s a lot to cover!”

Topics covered:

00:00 Introduction
00:29 A quick tour of Darkest Timeline
02:31 How to save a sequence
03:08 Settings, MIDI channels and scale quantisation
03:28 First patch – let’s sequence some notes!
05:39 Alternate timeline – exploring the parallel sequencers in the alternate output
06:44 How to record pitch CV for notes in the sequencer
08:13 How to record probability CV for notes
10:00 Recording notes I play on a keyboard – Arturia Keystep
11:03 Using a mod strip to send note probability
11:55 Alternate timeline from the Keystep
12:28 Take a Techno Break!
12:48 How to connect a USB cable
13:30 Sending MIDI notes from Darkest Timeline over USB
14:18 Tips and Tricks and things I didn’t get to cover
15:27 Conclusions

3 thoughts on “The Darkest Timeline 2.0 For Ornament & Crime Hemispheres

  1. “There’s a lot to cover” sums up everything about this module. Too much IMHO. It’s got some great features, but I think to get the most out of it it’s best to focus on just a few programs and learn those well

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