Elevenplay + Rhizomatiks – Tone

Artist, programmer, and DJ Daito Manabe shared Tone, an online work created by dance company ELEVENPLAY and media art collective Rhizomatiks.

The three-part piece features music by Hopebox.

Tone builds on previous collaborations between ELEVENPLAY and Rhizomatiks that combine music, dance and generative visuals. In this work, each movement starts by focusing on the dancers and ends with their movements being abstracted into data and generative visuals.

Throughout, the camera movements are choreographed by the dance troupe and filmed on smartphones by the dancers themselves.

8 thoughts on “Elevenplay + Rhizomatiks – Tone

  1. Interesting! I don’t think of myself as a dance fan in the least, but i confess this really fascinated me. The angles, fluidity, and synchronization perfectly complemented the music in my mind. Color me surprised, but heck….i really liked it…a lot.

  2. people who like this might want to check out the ballet Rain by Anna Theresa Von Keersmaeker, with Reich’s Music For 18 Musicians as the soundtrack

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