128 New Sounds For The Novation Peak & Summit Synthesizers

Synth Patches has introduced a new sound bank for Novation Peak and Summit users, The Peaks, that features 128 custom sounds, inspired by the likes of Boards of Canada & Tycho.

“For me a good preset must be an inspiration – when you hear it, you should ‘see’ a melody or a song in your head. At the same time, the sound should have its own unique character, live a bit of its own life,” says sound designer Krzysztof Steplowski. “The Peaks patches are full of dirt and imperfections, this is my way to attract attention.”

You can preview the sound library via the audio demos below:

Pricing and Availability

The Peaks is available now for $12.

3 thoughts on “128 New Sounds For The Novation Peak & Summit Synthesizers

    1. Peak is a best buy, imho. I sold mine and upgraded to a Summit, but I miss the format and footprint of the Peak. Can’t go wrong with either.

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