Free Update Takes Arturia Pigments Into New Sonic Territory

Arturia has released an update to its Pigments software synth that they say “launches Pigments into a new era of sound”.

The free update features new synthesis options, Apple M1 compatibility and more.

Here’s what’s new in Pigments 3.5:

  • CrossMod – Introduces cross modulation between engines 1 and 2. Either engine can be used as a modulation source, with a number of parameters to customize for wild harmonics, unusual waveforms, and extreme sonic results.
  • New Distortion Module – Pigments 3.5’s new Distortion Module combines 16 modes of distortion with built-in filtering.
  • Expanded Comb Filter – Pigments’ comb filter now comes with 3 new damped modes; LP6, BP6, and HP6. These filter out certain frequencies in the feedback loop for unique sounds like ambient plucks, shimmering bowed leads and more.
  • Apple M1 compatibility – Adds native support for Apple’s next-generation M1 processors.
  • New Wavetables p- Pigments 3.5 features dozens of new wavetables inspired by molecular structures, mineral textures, and aggressive modern timbres.
  • Enhanced Sample Engine Browser – This now features subfolders and one-click sample preview.
  • Streamlined GUI – A number of subtle menu redesigns and workflow improvements to streamline your sound design process.
  • 150+ New Factory Presets – Pigments 3.5 introduces 150 new patches exploring the massive potential of new features like CrossMod, Comb Filter, and more.

In addition, Arturia has introduced The Energy Triad –  3 new sound banks, each containing 150 presets, dedicated to the the sounds of trap, grime, future bass, house and more.

Pricing and Availability

For existing Pigments users, the update is available now, free of charge. The new Energy Triad Pack, with 3 new Sound Banks, is available for 29,99€/$ for a limited time.

11 thoughts on “Free Update Takes Arturia Pigments Into New Sonic Territory

  1. I picked this up last year and was blown away. I thought it was something I’d try for a bit and then come back to only occasionally, but it’s my go-to VST synth. I have a hybrid setup and if I can’t get the sound I’m looking for in outboard land, Pigments is always able to sit right where I need it. Super excited for this update.

  2. Say what you wanna say, Arturia’s just at the top of the league when it comes to catering for already released products to make the best out of them. We need less brand new stuff (be it software or hardware) and more of this kinda stuff!

  3. I’ll need to have another look at Pigments, I guess.
    I was initially wowed by the visual aspect of the modulation.
    Then when I compared it to Vital I thought, Vital does modulation better, and makes Pigments sound drab.
    Both run poorly on non-avx2 machines 🙁
    A simple patch using the sample engine in Pigments took 20% load on a i7 3740qm.

  4. I downloaded and played with this today – superbly nice sounds! No other synth I own sounds like this! I can’t wait to explore this over the holidays 🙂

    Re. the ad… nothing to do with Arturia specifically – I own lots of their products and love them 100%! – maybe it’s just me, but I can’t stand hyped up visual effects like this, generally speaking. I want to understand how a product works, what its capabilities are, what it sounds like etc..

    An overly produced ad makes me think that the company thinks that I’m a dummy, and that I can be easily convinced to buy something by seeing some fancy visuals / sound effects (which yes, is the synth) so maybe it’s really just the visual effects. Maybe I’m getting old, dang!

  5. I have been using synths for 50 years now. (Yes, I’m that old! ) Pigments is very possibly the greatest, most versatile synth ever created. It is certainly one of the top 5, hard or soft, and I’ve owned just about every decent synth ever made at some point in my life. Genius.

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