New 4-Voice Drum Module, Faselunare Vega, Now Available To Pre-Order

Italian synth maker Faselunare let us know that the Vega, a 4-voice percussion module for Eurorack synths, is now available to pre-order.

The module has 4 trigger inputs (one per voice), a random input that randomly triggers individual voices, and an audio output.

It has 4 digital voices tailored for drum sounds. Each voice works both in synthesis and with samples uploaded on the onboard SD card. Features include 12 parameters per voice, 5 presets and a mute function for each voice.

Pricing and Availability

The Vega is available now to pre-order for €250.00 (normally €270.00).

2 thoughts on “New 4-Voice Drum Module, Faselunare Vega, Now Available To Pre-Order

  1. I find these ultra-compact modules that have lots of layering to accommodate multiple additional functions to just be a total pain in the butt. make it bigger and more user friendly and it actually becomes usable, otherwise a VST or a standalone unit will do in a pinch. i get the cost and HP trade-offs are what drive this, but it just makes for a silly user experience imo

  2. this would be a great addition to a eurorack based groovebox oriented case of modules, the menu diving isn’t as bad as i initially thought it was after watching the video. this would be a fun companion with quad drum for beatbox madness imho

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