Brian Eno Turntable Looks Amazing, Costs £20K

The Paul Stolper Gallery has announced a limited-edition luminescent art turntable, designed by ambient music pioneer, producer and artist Brian Eno.

The turntable is in the vein of Eno’s light boxes, light installations and early ambient music, which explore using simple systems to create constantly changing results. It is made of translucent white acrylic, with integrated LEDs that change color independently.

Eno’s interest in illuminated light box art dates back to 1968, when many artists were working in the areas of op art and installations. The cover to his 1973 collaboration with Robert Fripp, No Pussyfooting, features the duo in a mirrored infinity chamber. While best known for his work in music, Eno has for decades also created generative visual art installations, using approaches similar to the systems he used to create his early ambient albums Discreet Music and Music For Airports.

Priced at £20K, Eno’s is less a turntable for spinning tunes than one of his light box art pieces in the form of a turntable.

Details are available at the Paul Stolper Gallery.

41 thoughts on “Brian Eno Turntable Looks Amazing, Costs £20K

  1. “Eno’s is less a turntable for spinning tunes than one of his light box art pieces in the form of a turntable.”
    So for £20K, it’s just a light and I need to buy another turntable to listen my Eno vinyls.

  2. I’ll give you 21.50 for it. And throw in free shipping and a lifetime warranty….it’s gotta be signed as well….

    I am an Eno fan from way back…Roxy Music…collaboration with Cluster, Bowie/‘Low’….etc…..

  3. Lol…stick it in ur ars brian eno and The Paul Stolper Gallery.

    Why the hell does put up advertisement like this….clearly a matter of self-enrichment.

      1. “I know. Why do people even ask for wages when working. Sounds communist to me.”

        When people are already filthy stinking rich, they should give something back to the people without trying to capitalize or take advantage of others by using their own name. That’s called greed. But then again, if everyone thought like that, we would live in a perfect world. Instead, we live in the 21st century, where money rules. Is everyone enjoying themselves?

        Just like Eno’s later music, the table looks interesting, but that’s it..

  4. 200 quatloos the record player will prove unplayable!

    I think it looks nice static; not 20K nice though. Moving colors would naturally reduce the price considerably. Not a big fan of color displays at all.

  5. The funniest thing about this (apart from the ludicrous price) is that there is no technical details available.
    Does it do 33 and 45, or even 78? Is it direct drive or belt driven? What is the torque of the motor? Nothing. All they tell you is the measurements. Not surprising really as Eno has made a very successful career for himself in minimalism.
    I think your better off with a SL-1200. But what do I know?

  6. Calm down. At £20,000, it’s not meant to be a product for the masses. It’s for… whoever would want it for that price. You can expect that you’d get some in-person zoom tech support.

  7. Why the anger? This is for art investors, not for us. They spend more money on even dumber things. Hate the game, not the player, etc. Eno has made money as a fine artist for decades. This could have a $5 cartridge and a wonky motor and the price wouldn’t be effected.

    1. Yeah, got to disagree here. You’re right, it is indeed for art investors, not for us. But the player is a part of the game, and this is kind of game is obscene. Eno, you’ve officially jumped the shark.

    2. I would enjoy spending time in a gallery like this, and they are beautiful. But I’m not sure what the market is for buying these things and taking them home.

      You wouldn’t put it in your living room, would you? Because you would then have to turn the lights off and shut the curtains in order to enjoy it. It would look nice at a gig or fancy nightclub, but this is way outside the budget of props for those sorts of things.

  8. Haha. I totally missed the “K” part of the headline. I thought Eno and some collaborator had figured out a way to make turntables absurdly cheap (with a bit of visual neato added). I was very off. £19,980 off!

  9. if you call it art and put it in the right space in front of the right people you can even sell a screen print of a Campbell’s soup can. 😉

  10. “How sweet – now artists can become little capitalist […..] as well.” – Brian Eno

    Now all Brian has to do is to sell a couple of those artsy glorified luminary boxes to see his own premise fulfilled. 😉

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