New Plugin, Kora Drum, Based On The Unique DIY Instruments Of Nicolas Bras

Soundpaint has introduced Kora Drum, a new virtual instrument, based on the unique DIY creations of instruments maker Nicolas Bras.

Bras’s Kora Drum has a body made from a tom drum, but the instrument plays more like a Lute. The original instrument is a harp-lute, with 12 strings. The Kora Drum was multisampled using several performance styles, including plucks, muted plucks and tremolos.

The Soundpaint engine expands on the performance possibilities of the original, extending the range into the deep bass range and high register plucks.

The intro video, embedded above, features Bras demonstrating the original instrument and composer and sound designer Troels Folmann explores the possibilities of the virtual instrument.

Topics covered:

0:00 Intro
0:43 Parts
2:38 Program – Drum Kora Main 2
4:04 Program – Drum Kora Delay
5:17 Program – Drum Kora Harp
6:23 Program – Drum Kora Main Mute
7:43 Program – Drum Kora Main
11:15 Hidden Gem – Drum Kora Piano
12:11 Program – Drum Kora Play Deep
13:21 Hidden Gem – Drum Kora Prep Piano
14:05 Program – Drum Kora Reversed
14:40 Program – Drum Kora Textures
16:25 Program – Drum Kora Trem
17:24 Program – Drum Kora Tremorlo
18:22 Nicolas Bras Outro

Pricing and Availability

Kora Drum is available now for $20 USD.

3 thoughts on “New Plugin, Kora Drum, Based On The Unique DIY Instruments Of Nicolas Bras

  1. nice idea. create a new physical intrument, even limited in range, then sample it in various ways, stretch the samples in any way conceivable and suddenly a whole new ‘sampled’ instrument comes into existence even though the physical counter partner never existed or was playable as such

    food for creative instrument builders

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