Buchla Modules Now Available In Affordable Eurorack Format

At Superbooth 2021, Tiptop Audio and Buchla USA announced a joint project to make classic Buchla 200 Series modules available as affordable Eurorack modules.

Now the first two of these modules are available to pre-order: the Buchla 281t Quad Function Generator & Buchla 258t Dual Oscillator.

Here’s the official intro video from Superbooth:

Tiptop Audio Buchla 281t

The Quad Function Generator Model 281t is a Euro-format recreation of the original 200 Series module. The 281t recreates a quintessential envelope/LFO and implements full Eurorack CV I/O, by replacing the banana jacks with 3.5mm TS jacks.

Each function generator can act independently as well as in pairs via Quadrature mode—triggering and balancing two generator outputs with each function shifted 90 degrees out of phase, for creating complex modulation sources ideal for quadrophonic movement.

Determine the rate at which the function rises and falls with the Attack and Decay parameters, respectively, each with voltage control over times spanning one millisecond all the way to ten seconds. Each function can be triggered via a manual trig button or via their trig inputs, with three different modes of operation per function generator. Cyclic mode will cycle the function continuously for LFO-like behavior, while Transient and Sustained modes act as conventional Attack/Decay and Attack/Sustain/Release envelope generators, respectively. Introducing a gate atthe cycle input will activate cycling in any mode, allowing you to inject moments of looped modulation.

Each generator has a dedicated output for shaping your audio and modulation signals, and additionally, each generator’s end of decay will also send out a trigger pulse—great for introducing triggered or clocked signals to other modules or even self-patched modulation.


  • ‘Faithful revival’ of the Buchla Quad Function Generator Model 281 in Eurorack format
  • Formatted for Eurorack height in a longer module, with minimal adjustment to functionality
  • Four identical function generators to produce envelopes and LFOs
  • Entire unit sends and receives Eurorack level signals via standard 3.5mm jacks
  • Attack and decay times both range from 1ms to 10 sec, each with CV input (longer times available via external CV)
  • Trigger button and input activate the function generator
  • Mode switch determines how function generator acts to triggers and gates (Cyclic, Transient, and Sustained)
  • Cycle CV input enables and gates cycling
  • Per channel function generator output and end of decay trigger output
  • Quadrature mode to enable paired generators with functions shifted by 90 degrees of each other
  • Adjustable analog OR functionality for creating complex envelope shapes

Tiptop Audio Buchla 258t

The Dual Oscillator Model 258t is a Eurorack-format recreation of the original dual VCO. The 258t is a nearly-identical replica, resized to 3U size, with rescaled voltage ranges and standard 3.5mm jacks.

Meant to interface with other Tiptop Buchla modules and Eurorack systems as a whole, the 258t features inputs for modulating the pitch and waveshape of each oscillator. Looking at them more closely, the notable difference between the two oscillators is the waveshape control, providing a sine-to-saw shape on oscillator one and a sine-to-square shape on oscillator two. The processing inputs paired with an attenuverter allow for positive or negative pitch scaling, inversion, and even expansion to the broad 5Hz–20kHz frequency range.


  • ‘Authentic recreation’ of the Buchla Dual Oscillator 258 in Eurorack format
  • 200 Series module with minimal changes
  • Each oscillator contains mirrored jacks and controls with only one difference between them: the waveshape control
  • OSC 1’s waveshape moves from sine to saw, while OSC 2’s waveshape moves from sine to square
  • Tini-jax and bananas have been replaced with 3.5mm Eurorack standard jacks
  • Waveshape controls feature an input for modulation
  • Processing attenuverter for extra scaling, inverting, and expansion of pitch
  • Coarse and fine tune controls sweep the oscillator frequencies range from 5Hz to 20kHz with original “cps” and “kc” description
  • 1V/Oct tracked pitch input

Pricing and Availability

The Buchla 281t is available to pre-order at Perfect Circuit and other retailers for $210, while the 258t Dual Oscillator is available to pre-order for $199. See the Tiptop Audio site for more information.

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17 thoughts on “Buchla Modules Now Available In Affordable Eurorack Format

    1. The real question is how are Buchla modules now “suddenly” affordable just by converting to eurorack

      Either they were never worth the money in the first place or these are made from cheaper parts

      Bit of both maybe

      For my money, apart from the aesthetic none of these modules are particularly appealing or bring anything new to eurorack – except the Buchla name

        1. It’s also way bigger than the intellijel, has no expander and has less functionality than a Rampage

          And the prices listed are ex VAT which isn’t applicable in the UK or EU or New Zealand or Australia for that matter

          What’s your point?

          1. Your high taxes aren’t really the manufacturer’s problem. It sounds like your ire should be toward your govt. vs. expecting a small business to lose money just to sell to a certain region.

      1. These modules are based on the Buchla 200 series from the seventies not the 200e from last decade. 200e has extra stuff like preset management.

  1. Thanks for sharing the news – I just ordered the pair.

    I’m impressed that they’re able to retain the design and functionality of the original modules, while adapting them to Eurorack format. I don’t think Don Buchla would have ever done this, but the new modules are a natural evolution of his designs and make them more affordable and usable for mainstream synthesists.

  2. My first impression of these modules was that they look exactly like Buchla modules.

    When you actually compare them, though, you can see that there are lots of changes to the layout, typesetting and even controls. Honestly, the Euro version seems like it is more readable and easy to understand.

    On thing I don’t see on the Euro version, though, it the ‘Remote’ button. Anybody know what that does and if there’s a way to do it with the new module?

    1. I think it looks very similar to the original, a bit cleaner. Functionally pretty much the same, except for 2x one output less and an extra cv input with attenuator (2 cv inputs for pitch?). Are you sure you’re not comparing it to the 258e?

      Here’s the 258 (scroll down a bit, there’s a link): https://www.vintagesynth.com/misc/buchla200.php I don’t see the Remote button you’re talking about.

      1. Mike & soffter

        You’re right – thanks for the clarification.

        Buchla’s always been out of my price range, so I haven’t paid close attention to their lineup before.

        It’s interesting that the ‘e’ versions support presets. What does that do? Does it remember knob positions or some sort or normalized routing? Can you essentially ‘load a patch’?

    2. the remote button is only for “e” series modules and allows them to talk to a preset manager. these are all 200 series, not 200e – i don’t think they’ll be doing much preset stuff

  3. Good luck to them. It would have been nice to have the option for 1.2v/oct to keep comparability. Probably Buchla see this as a completely different market. I love the 4U format however looking at the prices ($1200 for 4U 281 and $200 for a 3U one) it makes you think! If this keeps Buchla going and allows some new modules (what haven’t they covered?) then it is a GOOD IDEA. Bringing Buchla to the masses.

    1. Agreed. I ended up ordering them. I’ve always been fascinated by Buchla but couldn’t justify modules starting at $1000. At $200 for a dual oscillator, that’s now cheaper than some of my current oscillators. It kind of blows my mind.

      Regarding the 1.2v/oct question, there are hundreds of Eurorack users for every Buchla user. So standardizing on Euro connectors and voltages makes sense and makes these modules in some ways more flexible and compatible than the originals.

  4. With the way things have been pre order both once they pop up on reverb which was interesting since they first appeared yesterday can’t wait to get the rest of the line

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