How To Build A Drum Pad App With AudioKit on Your iPad with Swift Playgrounds

In this video, Aure Prochazka, PhD demonstrates how you can build a drum pad app with AudioKit, directly on your iPad, using Swift Playgrounds.

You can download the completed app in the App Store, and you can get the source code via Github.

The video, and Prochazka’s previous video, cover getting started with developing audio apps on the iPad, so you could create a customized version of this app, fork it or just get a sense of developing audio apps on the iPad.

7 thoughts on “How To Build A Drum Pad App With AudioKit on Your iPad with Swift Playgrounds

  1. …but only if you run the newest version of ios. Which I don’t because I like making full restore images. Guess the end is neigh for ppl like me.

    1. It was removed some time ago and it is hard to find exactly which version. But it was somwhere in iOS 13 and it needed iTunes 12.2 or earlier, which are also gone. So Apple secretly took away your option to have a full restore image, including apps. Now you are completely dependant on wether apple or the developer chooses to let apps stay on the appstore. Things you have bought as perpetual, actually have a limited and unknown time for use.

      1. You don’t need iTunes to do the full backup, you use finder to do it..
        If you don’t know how to, Google is your friend;)

      2. If a dev stops supporting their app, for whatever reason, there’s really no point in keeping on with it. I’d much rather use an app that is growing, living and breathing than one on life support. There are certainly enough of the former.

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