Elektron Digitone, Digitone Keys Get ‘Spicy Upgrade’

Elektron let us know that they’ve released a Digitone update that adds new features, new sound design options, improved graphics and more.

Here’s what they have to say about it:

“It’s time for a spicy upgrade for our stalwart FM synth!

Digitone and Digitone Keys owners may have regarded with envious eyes the mega-upgrade with all that good stuff that graced the Digitakt last year.

Now, many features will be added to your machine with the new Digitone OS upgrade: dual mono mode for the external inputs, global FX/mix option for project-wide all-pattern control, a filter envelope delay that lets you – literally – push the envelope, brightness settings for the crisp OLED display & the vibrant LEDs, improved graphics with a super-clear depiction of the shape and orientation of the LFOs, and more!

Needless to say, some bugs have been squashed, too.”

Digitone version 1.32 is available now via the Elektron site.

13 thoughts on “Elektron Digitone, Digitone Keys Get ‘Spicy Upgrade’

  1. been lookin at one of these for a while now

    still dont understand why elektron insists on that “2-person” keyboard design

    1. It’s not “2-person”, it’s “dual-purpose”.

      Unlike every other keyboard currently available, the Digitone Keys has all the features of Elektron’s groove boxes. So, your focus shifts to the left if you’re playing the sequencer and to the right if you’re playing the keyboard.

      People that own the Digitone Keys get this. It’s the same approach Elektron took with the Monomachine keyboard, and those are going for three times their original price now.

      I’ve got an Analog Keys, too, and it takes the more obvious approach of putting the sequencer behind/over the keyboard. This makes it great for playing the keyboard, but makes playing the sequencer a little more awkward.

      The Digitone Keys takes the opposite approach and puts sequencing on an equal level with the keyboard. When you see how most people use Elektron boxes, don’t you think this is probably the right approach?

  2. Love my Digitone Keys. Sheeple that hate the design are better off with their small hands on soft synths. My complaint it that it doesn’t allow you to use the probabilities to mute the fourth or eighth repeat, no internal compressor (no worries with my RNC) and that muting tracks with one hand can be cumbersome. Other than that, it’s a beast, never gonna get these sounds from my Minilogue XD. Pair this with a good reverb, Digitakt and a Model:Cycles and you are future proof. Stop complaining and make stuff.

  3. Some people do indeed get personally offended from impersonal comments, simply because they derive their identity from their material possessions

    Sadly, they dont have anything else inside them to work with

    1. Indeed, Humans are truly bizarre creatures.

      It is an awkward looking design, but I think jert has a good point that I didn’t consider. I’m still highly considering either version for my first hardware polysynth.

      1. the monomachine keyboard is the same, as others have mentioned

        its not that i dont clearly understand the intent of separating the functionality, which is why i mentioned the “2 person” design (which is what i had heard directly from elektron themselves – its not something i just came up with off the top of my head)

        IMO it seems that design would be a secondary concern rather than a primary concern, as that kind of functionality would not be as primary as a standard keyboard where everything is in easy and ergonomic reach without straining or learning new muscle memories

        anyways – ive only been interested in the module itself from the beginning, and i was just making an offhand comment

        but then………… HUMANITY

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