Extreme Vintage Pure Analog Action

Synthesist Chris Mick shared this video, featuring some unadulterated ‘extreme vintage pure analog action’.

The video features a prog performance and a Berlin School inspired track, both recorded with analog synths, recorded through a high-end analog console. with analog effects, to analog tape.

Here’s what Mick shared about the technical details:

Moog Matriarch Paraphonic analog Synthesizer
Studer 904 A Analog Console
Studer A 812 Mastering Tapemachine
Studer A800 16 Track
Nagra T Mastering Tapemachine
Roland SRE 555 Tape Echo
EMT 240 Reverb Plate
Mutronics Mutator Analog Filter

digital transfer via SSL 96 khz/24 Bit

12 thoughts on “Extreme Vintage Pure Analog Action

    1. A YouTube video is not the best medium for the viewer to appreciate and savor ‘extreme vintage pure analog action’ so I didn’t watch.

  1. insane in the membrane (in every classical way)…
    just one question– were the video effects at the end analog or digital?

  2. I have a built-in mental YouTube filter. If it sounds good, its good. If its bad, its the errant YT compression algorithm ruining Great Art. If its really bad, turn it off. In this case, the music was good and the added feel for going all-analog was subtle but useful.

    Half the people who bitch about it can’t hear the difference, half can but don’t know why it matters either way and the rest are sweating musicians like me, cussing at a manual. 😛

    1. I’m not sure I could “hear the difference” to be honest but I thought it sounded good. Would love to hear it directly off the tape in that room though! Also, <caveman>analog gear pr0n good like want</caveman>.

  3. Hearing the difference is unmissable to me, and I am not a analogue purist however the source material (music if ones chooses to call it such) is so bloody awful that the technology matters less than the content, as usual…..

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