Download 30+ Free Audio Plugins From Audio Damage

Audio Damage has released more than 30 of its legacy audio plugins as free downloads.

The plugins include:

907A Fixed Frequency Filter
914 Fixed Frequency Filter
ADverb Vintage Reverb
Automaton Cellular Automata Buffer Effect
Axon Neural Network Drum Machine
Basic Subtractive Synthesizer
BigSeq Rhythmic Gate
BigSeq2 Rhythmic Gate
Bitcom Rhythmic Bitcrusher
Deverb Abstract Reverb
Discord Pitch Shifter
Discord 2 Pitch Shifter
Discord 3 Pitch Shifter
Dr. Device Filter
Dubstation Bucket-Brigade Delay
Filterstation Filter
Fluid Chorus
FuzzPlus 3 Distortion
Kombinat Multi-Band Distortion
Kombinat Dva Multi-Band Distortion
Liquid Flanger
Mangleverb Abstract Reverb
Mayhem Suite (Filter, Delay, Compressor)
Panstation Auto-Panner
PhaseTwo Phaser
Phosphor Additive Synthesizer
Ratshack Reverb 2 Delay
Replicant Buffer Effect
Ricochet Multi-Tap Delay
Ronin Multi-Effect
Rough Rider 1 Compressor
Rough Rider Pro Multi-Band Compressor
Tattoo Drum Machine
Vapor Diffusor

Because these are legacy products, some may not work with more recent operating systems, and no support will be provided.

Here’s what they have to say about them:

“We have decided to make the entire Audio Damage legacy catalog free for everyone (no beer necessary). This collection comprises 33 plugins, and encompasses the entire history of the company, all the way back to Mayhem, released in 2002 (Mayhem even includes OS9 installers!)

The reasoning behind this is threefold:

The vast majority (like 90-95%) of our support email is people needing to get at the legacy versions from their pre-2016 Audio Damage accounts. This goes in cycles, but whenever Apple or Microsoft introduce a significant change to their respective platforms, hundreds or thousands of old customers come out of the woodwork looking for a 20-year-old installer. Since most of those products aren’t even in this post-2016 Shopify store, we end up sending Dropbox links to the installers over and over again. Just having these products out in the open will solve that issue.

Most of these installers are readily available in “cracked” form, and someone that wants to use one of them is putting their computer (and thus their creative life) at risk of malware due to the nature of pirated software. Having “blessed” installers readily available from the source ensures that nobody will ever be punished for simply wanting to use one of our old products.

Because of our small size and limited resources, updating these older products to work on contemporary systems just doesn’t make much sense, business-wise. In many cases the code libraries on which they’re based simply no longer exist and hence updating them would entail rewriting them almost in their entirety. As the saying goes, time is money, and the time we’d spent on such an endeavor would cost us more than we’d recoup in sales–particularly since the plugin market is now much, much larger than it was when these products were originally conceived.

See the AD site for details.

10 thoughts on “Download 30+ Free Audio Plugins From Audio Damage

  1. This is an especially welcome offer for those of us who keep an older laptop running on an older OS. I went and grabbed a handful of the ones that seem useful/interesting.

    1. “These products have been discontinued or upgraded to new versions.
      No support whatsoever is provided for these products.
      Most of them will work on most systems, but some of the oldest ones will most likely not work on a modern Mac or PC. Each installer contains VST2.4 versions, and in almost all cases AU. There are no VST3, AAX, or Linux versions in these older products. If the product requires a registration code, one is provided in the Zip. “

      1. “…No support whatsoever is provided for these products.”

        I meant I’d love it if plugs like Tattoo (for example) were not only future-proof but also further developed.

  2. I rather have them update all the plugins on IOS. Seems like most of them havent been updated for at least a year or longer with some commenting they don’t even work. Because of that I haven’t bought any plugins from Audio Damage.

  3. Ok, I’m glad I’m not losing my mind. I thought maybe I had used a different email for my old account when I couldn’t find downloads for things I knew I had bought many years ago, but ends up they switched to Shopify in 2016 and that explains it! Now I can finally put my Axom 2 upgrade license I bought during a sale to work!

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