Bitwig Studio 4.2 Adds Classic Audio Effects & More

Bitwig has announced Bitwig Studio 4.2, an update that adds a suite of effects, including new choruses, flangers, phasers and more.

Here what they have to say about each of the new effects:

  • Chorus+ Characters
    • CE – A synth-style friend, with different tone inspirations
    • DD – Subtle, 80s, and coming from all sides
    • 8v – Eight voices swirling thru caverns of feedback
    • x2 – Classic voice doubling circuit
  • Flanger+ Characters
    • DP – That digital, scrapy cousin who chews up sound
    • MX – A firm, pedal-style classic
    • TFX – Smooth and sparkly, with some edge
    • WA – Stronger, but subtly delicate
  • Phaser+ Characters
    • GS – Our spikey #1 friend
    • EHx – Classy and smooth, with silky motion
    • MX – A raspy devil, but solid
    • MF – Pleasantly greasy and deep

Chorus+, Flanger+, and Phaser+ are also available as Grid modules.


Note Grid

The Grid is Bitwig Studio’s modular sound-design environment, where you can build instruments and audio effects with Poly Grid and FX Grid.

Bitwig Studio 4.2 introduces a third device: Note Grid. With access to The Grid’s 184 modules and polyphonic structure, Note Grid is made to process notes or even generate them.

With the new Note Out module, connecting a gate signal will start outputting notes. Pitch, velocity, and channel can be set manually or with dynamic signals. And since Bitwig fluently speaks MPE, unfolding Note Out allows signals for each note’s timbre, pressure, gain, and panning expressions. As with all other Grid modules, Note Out (and CC Out) are available to Poly Grid and FX Grid as well.

Eight musical presets are included today, including new kinds of arpeggiators, swarming polyphonic randomness, modular drum sequencers, and even music-generating patches. The presets are production-ready, and together they show a range of possibilities with Note Grid.

Full details on the update are available at the Bitwig site.

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      2. I think most folks who still use Ableton Live just never opened up Bitwig. Once you go bitwig you never go back. Or you stay cause you’re more familair with Ableton and enjoy scanning the internet for Max Devices to do whats native in Bitwig. Gotta respect your resolve.

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