Sonnox Releases ListenHub Mixing Tool For macOS

Sonnox has introduced ListenHub for macOS, a Mac-only audio control application, designed to address the loss of objectivity found when repeatedly listening to the same track; becoming fixated on some details and missing others altogether.

ListenHub for macOS is designed to provide the perceptual resets and consistency required to hear your mixes with fresh ears.

One way of achieving this is to compare an active mix to a known reference; ListenHub for macOS supports this approach by allowing instant access to reference mixes from any streaming source or from a user’s own media player/DAW. You can listen to just the mid or sides, low-mids or highs of a mix and discover whether its dynamic range is competitive or too crushed.

It also lets you take advantage of room correction and simulation software from Sonarworks, Steven Slate Audio and others using the AU PlugIn hosting functionality offered by ListenHub’s system-wide macOS app.

Each output can host its own set of PlugIns; perfect if, for example, a user wants different Sonarworks profiles for speakers and headphones without having to change the settings of a single SoundID instance.

ListenHubs AU hosting also delivers additional functionality to PlugIns such as Slates’ VSX by allowing them to process system audio.

Users can access ListenHub directly from their Macs and control it from tablets and smartphones using the free iOS and Android apps; delivering the immediacy, flexibility and tactile nature of a hardware monitor controller and marrying it to the complete transparency of software routing.

It can be used as a zero-latency PlugIn or a system-wide app hosting AU PlugIns on each output.

Pricing and Availability:

ListenHub for macOS is available now for f £44.25/$63.72 with a MAP of $59.99. A demo version is also available.

One thought on “Sonnox Releases ListenHub Mixing Tool For macOS

  1. I don’t get close to finishing enough projects these days to justify purchasing this but there’s a younger version of me slapping my head saying “abso-effing-lutely-yes”. Great idea, great price.

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