pandaMidi Solutions Supporting Humanitarian Efforts For Russian-Ukranian War

pandaMidi Solutions, a developer of bass and guitar synthesizers and wireless MIDI tools, let us know that they are donating a portion of the sale of their products to support aid for Ukrainians displaced by the Russian-Ukrainian war.

They note:

“The citizens of neighboring Hungary welcome every single soul fleeing from the massacre and will provide a safe haven for them to survive this awful war, no matter how many refugees come. We have kept our border with the Ukraine open and are accepting everybody – during the past week the count went well above 100,000 people and we are still far from the end. Trains arriving from all over are still filled with families leaving their home behind.

We are resolutely determined to do as much as we can for these people so our company has decided to help in the following way: from today until the end of the war, we will donate 10 EUR from every purchase of any of our flagship products from our webshop to Hungarian Red Cross Humanitarian Fund.”

The products in question are as follows:

  • Future Impact v3 Bass/Guitar Synthesizer;
  • midiBeam v2 Wireless MIDI solution;
  • midiBeam 4Control USB-MIDI and pedal interface;
  • Hybrid Waves sample package.

See the pandaMidi Solutions site for details.

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