Tangible Waves VMIX-10 Is A Standalone Mixer For The Korg Volcas

Tangible Waves has released the VMIX-10, a standalone mixer designed specifically for the Korg Volca series.

The VMIX-10 is a mixer in Volca format that offers 10 inputs – 6 mono inputs and 2 stereo inputs. Each channel has a dedicated mute button, along with level, pan and dual FX send controls.


  • 6 mono input channels with minijack sockets each
  • 2 stereo input channels with stereo minijack sockets for each
  • click-free mute buttons per channels
  • per channel: level, pan and two FX-send knobs
  • 2 FX send-return sections (send mono, return stereo)
  • master level control
  • stereo headphone output with separate level control
  • four 9V power supply outputs for Volca boxes or other devices
  • The case size is identical with the Volca series, so the VMIX10 should fit exactly in the Volca stands that are available from different suppliers.
  • It includes a power supply adapter with snap-on plugs for EU, UK and US (AU on request).

Pricing and Availability:

The VMIX-10 is available to pre-order now for €145.00, with shipping expected to start in mid-March of 2022.

18 thoughts on “Tangible Waves VMIX-10 Is A Standalone Mixer For The Korg Volcas

  1. This is the mixer I was looking for last year! The Volca mixer missed the mark without batteries and its limited inputs. I ended up getting the Bastl Dude, which is great for what it is but this guy knocks it out of the park. I can’t wait…

    1. The Volca mixer was such a pity compared to the now discontinued KVGear Vixen mixer, which this one seems to be inspired from.
      I wonder if you can daisy chain power outputs to supply 8 volcas. That would be awesome.
      Due to its popularity the first batch is already sold out but I will definitely get one later.

  2. cool but the one thing I wish it did was have a stereo pair of 1/4″ outs on it – would save from an extra adapter to get it into a standard mixer or interface

  3. Still prefer the volca mix over this. This one has way more channels but no EQ/filters and no upfaders either.

    Feed 8 individual instruments into this one and it’s going to be a muddy mess without EQ

    They should have replaced FX send 2 with a lpf/hpf per channel IMO

    1. Isn’t a volume mixer the mother of EQ‘ing? The quality of the EQ would probably not be that good anyway. May be better without it then.

    2. Horses for courses.

      In my case, I have NO need whatsoever for additional EQ/Filtering since I’m using dedicated effects before every audio input. However, because of that, I need more than 2 stereo channels, since most of those effects convert mono to stereo. So all those mono channels are going to waste unless I’m running stereo into dual mono and paring it down to 3 total inputs.

      But what I’m planning instead is to use each of the Effects Returns as extra inputs, giving me a total of 4 stereo channels along with the 6 mono inputs. And I may find a use for some of the mono channels besides.

      The point being that there’s no one single perfect mixer for all setups. The Korg Volca Mix seems to be the best solution for you, and that’s great. For me, I’ve just placed an order for the Tangible Waves VMIX10.

  4. Hmm, intriguing. I think I have no interest in this for Volca use, but it could be very handy for a tiny mobile kit with a lot of mono stuff. That the mono channels have a pan knob is pretty cool, and power outs could be useful for other things.

    This is very tempting tbh!

    1. From 2017. And from what I understand, it was pretty much discontinued right after the Kickstarter concluded. The Kickstarter page is gone; there’s no mention of it on KVGear’s product page; and I’ve read on other forums that folks in the UK who were pre-ordering it had their orders cancelled.

        1. Well, darn it, you’re right on that one; I stand corrected. I tried getting there through the link in the original Synthtopia article above and it came up ‘Page Not Found’.

          You really lucked out that you got to jump in on the Kickstarter. I’ve heard a lot of people lament later that they never got the chance at one previously. How’s the sound quality/noise on that one?

          1. It’s noisy when I try and power volcas with it and one of the channels volume pots crackles. He was behind schedule and then rushed them through to try and catch up I think. I’ve played live with it a few times so it’s useable, looks good and is easy to carry.

            1. Well, I’ve got one of the VMIX-10’s on order (should hopefully ship within a month or so), and I’ll let you know if there are any similar issues with this one. 🙂

  5. i ordered and paid in full for this mixer months ago from Tangible Waves, i have not recieved any responses to my emails in the last month requesting an update. Starting to get worried…anyone else having this problem? I hope its just a glitch in the space time continuum. I am really excited to get this…

    1. Good news i recieved a reply from Tangible and my mixer has arrived!! yay! a piece of genius…Korg should hold their heads in shame for not making their mixer like this!

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