Using The Red Panda Raster V2 Delay Pedal With Synths

Delicious Audio shared this hands-on demo of the Red Panda Raster V2, a digital delay that features pitch and frequency shifter integrated into the feedback loop.

Forward or reverse delay can be shifted once or have continuously shifted repeats. It delivers a wide range of sounds including modulated and harmonized delays, reverse delays, chorus, arpeggios, infinite descents, chaotic self-oscillation, and continuously evolving soundscapes.

The demo is a ‘shut up and play’ style demo, using synths and drum machine, and covering the following types of effects:

00:18 | Normal Delay
01:37 | Pitch Shifter (Third Shift Mode)
02:23 | Feedback Modes (Reverse and Pitch Shifted Repeats)
03:03 | Series, Parallel and Ping Pong Modes
03:25 | Modulation
04:46 | Final Demo Track with Tweaking

You can find more details at the Delicious Audio site or via Red Panda.



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