Behringer CS Mini Is Like A Cross Between A Yamaha CS-80 & A Korg Volca

Behringer today shared this teaser image for the CS Mini, an analog synth that they say is inspired by the Yamaha CS-80, but in the Korg Volca-like body of their ‘Soul’ series synthesizers.

Here’s what they shared about the CS Mini:

“What about we’d manage to get an authentic CS80 voice into this little box, with MIDI and motion sequencer, perhaps even 3-note polyphony.

This is a design proposal only but we think it would be possible to build this jewel for US$ 99 retail.”

While Behringer positions the CS Mini as ‘an authentic CS80 voice’, its controls suggest that it will be more like a limited version of half of a CS-80 voice.

Behringer calls this ‘#hardvaporware’, like their other recent introductions, because problems getting parts to put their new designs into production.

55 thoughts on “Behringer CS Mini Is Like A Cross Between A Yamaha CS-80 & A Korg Volca

    1. Yeah, certainly more interesting than straight copies. I assume they’ll release larger versions of whichever of these toys sell the best. Smart A:B testing

  1. Interesting news, but I don’t think much of Behringer just putting out pics with no sound. It’s like the press release is spread over 3 articles with the pic, the audio teaser, and eventually an ‘exclusive’ review. Some hype is understandable but the same hype cycle for 20 different units is getting tedious. Maybe Synthtopia can give them a hint by consolidating multiple press releases together instead of letting the marketing people totally hijack the cycle.

    1. I am actually loving the form factor, especially with the hub. You can easily with a keystep and few of these have a really inexpensive really versatile setup that is extremely portable

      1. I’ve personally had the opportunity to talk with Uli on synths and h is a brilliant dude with lots of really great , great ideas. So you are very very wrong on your statement. And i speculate that you go with the majority of what i has been said but you dont have really a sustainable opinion of your own (So yes I’m openly calling you sir a mere sheep….meeh). Do your self a favor and think before you talk/write.

        PD any reply will be considered that its coming out of your sore a$$!

  2. might as well just use a soft synth instead, the benefit of hardware is a good set of keys and good tactile interfaces, this has none of that.

    1. It depends in part on the value you assign to real analog vs. virtual analog, test. And there is at least some tactile interface to this, too.

  3. #hardvaporware So marketing then. Its just marketing as standard. Release ideas and mock ups and see what gets the most traction. Trying to give nonsense a new name with a hashtag 🙂

    1. I ordered a Reface CS in December and had been waiting for months. I finally canceled it. If I’m going to wait anyway I might as well have a handful of these new Bolca synths for the same price.

    2. Wait a minute… I actually LOVE MY Rreface CS (found on craigslist on the cheap). The sounds are amazing and the controls are excellent. No shifting or functioning… just sliders. You look at the thing and you KNOW what its doing. That and the incredible sound quality and polyphony make it MAD awesome. I’d take a reface over this thing. This still looks nifty though! ?

    3. Reface CS is easy to underestimate but it’s a fun, really playable, really immediate synth. The only thing I didn’t like was the relatively slider resolution wasn’t super-well suited for a couple of the algorithms.

      This… it’s more like a Volca clone with vague inspiration from the CS-80, but lacking pretty much everything that made the CS-80 what it was.

  4. If you can’t make it, it does not exist. Stop giving this company PR. With stolen designs. Longtime reader, getting tired if it.

    1. I would not mind 10 posts a day about gear that will never ship, it seems interesting even if it will not happen, why does it bothers you so much? I’m really asking.

      1. Why would anyone listen to that guy? He’s just a B junkie like all the others. I recommend you stop copy pasting like I’ve seen you do multiple times and start making up your own mind on something. 😉

        1. So, you didn’t even listen to it, huh.

          To quote Charlie Chan, “The mind is like a parachute. It only works when it is open.”

  5. CS-80? It’s not even a CS-50. It has one layer, one envelope no High pass or ring modulator. It has nothing about it that is CS-80 and I wouldn’t expect it to sound anything like a CS. The only thing that is vaguely CS are the sliders and font.

  6. This one misses too many features to resemble remotely a CS80. A CS80 gives you way more parameters per voice, more components (HPF, dual envelopes), two independent layers, and foremost an extensive set of expression controls. It ‘ll sound as a CS80 where two thirds of the controls are broken.

    I find most of these little synths a waste of space. But back in the days when I couldn’t afford much I also was happy with my toy Casio VL-1. So I guess there will be an entry level market for it.

    For little synths to be attractive in a studio they need at least one if the following assets:
    – fit in a Eurorack providing CV control (and saves desk space)
    – provide patch memory
    – provide decent SysEx over Midi for extensive remote control
    None of this is covered here, although I hear rumours Behringer contemplates making Eurorack verdions of these. That might be interesting.

    Another condition which of course is personal: have a sound that is unique to one’s own setup.

    There are some VST’s available for less money that generate the CS80 sound way better, so no CS mini for me.

    Small form factor synths I like are: Roland SE-02, Waldorf Blofeld, Behringer Pro-1 and the Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 (yep also a hidden synth inside).

    I can image the Volca’s to be interesting as well, but here my other Yamaha and Korg gear are already covering the grounds enough I suppose.

    1. You can poly chain anything even if it’s not supported, there are many software and hardware solutions available. Since there is no midi out (accept the USB) you will need something in addition to do that.

  7. The real Question is: “Will it Bladerunner?”

    Also PWM control but no PW control is strange on the behringer CS.

    Deckard’s Voice Eurorack Module: 748€
    Deckard’s Dream MKII 8 Voice: 4.2K €

  8. it is hardvaporware

    there was a while back when people were making fake synths with 3d rendering software and posting images as real things, which is what this all reminds me of

    i mean, i will definitely buy them – if they are real… until then, its just graphics

  9. How is this any different than a Car Show? Auto Manufacturers routinely display prototypes, concept cars, etc. They use these to gauge customer’s reactions, which in turn is used for future product development.

  10. TBH seems more like a CS-5 (monophonic, one filter) with a spiffy MIDI/sequencer setup strapped to it.

    The button labels do suggest that it would have 5x the user-editable patch storage of a CS-80, tho 🙂

    1. If it’s not just to save sequences… There are 10 buttons labeled with suffix “M” and there is a motion sequencer so the parameters are digitally controlled, so maybe…

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