Teenage Engineering Intros Ultra-Portable TX-6 Field Mixer & Audio Interface

Teenage Engineering today introduced the TX–6, an ultra-portable, battery-powered mixer and multi-channel audio interface.

The TX-6 features 6 stereo input channels, tempo sync, an internal synthesizer and sequencer and even a built-in tuner.

Here are the official intro videos:


  • The first portable pro-mixer that can be used as a multi-functional 32-bit 48kHz audio interface that has an instrument tuner, built-in digital fx, synthesizer and drum machine.
  • TX–6 features a 6 channel stereo mixer with a configurable knob layout. choose to have the three-band eq at your fingertips, or customize each knob to control whichever setting you prefer.
  • Battery powered – the rechargeable battery holds for about 8 hours.
  • Synthesizer & sequencer – TX–6 also functions as a portable synthesizer and sequencer, with 4 oscillator waveforms and 4 synthesized drum sounds.
  • 8 built-in effects, including reverb, chorus and delay, and creative effects freeze, tape, filter, and distortion. Each channel has a three-band EQ and adjustable compressor.
  • Sturdy build – encased in CNC aluminum with 2k molding, custom-made encoders and faders, and custom pcb – engineered for portability.
  • Wireless connectivity – with BLE, you can use TX–6 as a wireless controller for other BLE midi devices or trigger and sync the internal synth and sequencer from other sources.
  • Slimline cables – the narrow profile allows you to use all 6 channels at once and makes for an easy pack down.
  • Customizable interface – use TX–6 as a 12 channel audio interface and connect to any DAW over USB-C. MFi also allows you to connect to iOS devices.
  • DJ mode – turn TX–6 on its side and use it as a DJ mixer. Turn channel 1 into a fader to crossfade between the channel 5 and 6 so you can fade or cut between the two.
  • 6.35 + 3.5 mm output – connect your audio output through 3.5 mm mini jack or use the included and removable 6.35 mm jack to 3.5 mm mini jack adapter.
  • Field bags – designed to fit TX–6 field mixer and constructed in heavy duty fabric and hardware.

Teenage Engineering TX–6 Screens:

Pricing and Availability

The Teenage Engineering TX–6 is available now for $1,199.

45 thoughts on “Teenage Engineering Intros Ultra-Portable TX-6 Field Mixer & Audio Interface

  1. Kudos to them for doing something new & different, but you would think if they priced this more competitively that they would be able to take advantage of economies of scale. Part of me thinks this is priced ridiculously to just cut out all the flippers and the true fan boys can buy direct.

    1. I dunno, the flippers probably have the money to cover it. Either way, this price is ridiculous, but only time will tell if its actually worth the price, or if it stands up to being used on the move.

      1. Sold out. The conspiracy theory in me thinks they eventually just flag something as sold out to create false hype and FOMO

    1. Behringer hasn’t demonstrated that they can do anything with this type of engineering yet.

      But you can get a cheapie Behringer mixer for like $150.

  2. dam that price. I want one so bad, portable mixer would fit in perfectly. Please dont tell me about the blackbox, its not an interface, though it should be for what it is. 6in 12 out thats not a massive mackie or tascam mixer. Got dam premium price.

    1. Isn’t the Bluebox more in line with the description of “field mixer” though? Might not have an audio interface but it doesn’t need you to lug round a laptop!

    2. Keith McMillen K-Mix! Portable mixer, 8in/10out usb interface and midi controller with on-board EQ, compressor and gate. 600 bucks.

  3. Brilliant, TE have designed a mixer that is so small normal cables don’t fit so you have to pay TE even more for special TE slimline cables…genius.

  4. This is cool… There aren’t enough mixers on the market that are both portable and capable. That said, I’d gladly pay half this price for half of these features.

  5. A small mixer with multiple stereo channels and knobs, like this, is sorely lacking in the current market. The i/o interface is also a nice addition. I fail to see the advantage of adding a synth, though. Someone out there make a decent, compact mixer with stereo line ins and knobs (not touchscreen) please! Don’t know why Mackie or Roland or Yamaha or A&H have not done this yet.

  6. Just because you can doesn’t mean you should. I’m sure the intended consumer will materialize…… or maybe not.

  7. Does Uli have some kind of bots that create comments mentioning his company on EVERY synth-related post on the internet, no matter how irrelevant? We get it… they make cheap s&#t. They possibly can clone any piece of gear past or present for people who desire a cheap, junky version of something (when they get those chips…). Give it a rest already.

    1. At the time of writing there are only 3 post about Behringer.
      1 of those, or 33%, is yours.
      Give it a rest already! ?

  8. Good product! It looks very nice for connecting some synths while on vacation.
    That would be my use for it. Ofcourse that is a skip for me because how could i justify that price. I would need to travel constantly then. In the studio some thing bit bigger is needed there it would just drive me made these tiny controls.

  9. How much is it without the built-in synthesizer? Maybe the premium price covers the hand model’s expensive manicure, LOL.

    Hmm, line-level mixers are pretty easy to design. Six stereo channels with gain and pan controls fed into a Teensy processor for effects and USB connectivity. Could probably build a similar sized prototype for under a $100 USD including color OLED display.

    1. A statement like that proves to anyone with even a shred of experience that you’re talking out of your ass and are incapable of doing what you said. That’s entirely unrealistic, regardless of your opinion of the TE6. This is not an easy product to design at all, which makes the ‘why would you???’ even sillier..

  10. TE is a a joke. I like the Tonic, but their over the top/unjustified prices make me hate them. Looks like a sleek mixer but c’mon… this is like the most expensive mixer i’ve ever seen with so few channels. looks good on insta though right?

  11. The feature-set can be handled by other items. The tuner, synth, sequencer, effects, EQ, etc. can be handled by that laptop or phone nearby. If it does those things in standalone– then you have a fun combo of a tiny synth with hi-fi specs and physical controls.

    The size & build-quality are much of what you are paying for. Hopefully, they got it right– so it is rugged enough for those demo trailer vids– e.g., I’m jamming on a train, in a coffee shop, in a park, now I ride my bicycle to the club where a sea of undulating fans pack the floor.

    As for the price– either this device meets some users’ specific needs, or some users have deep pockets and are drawn to the tiny, despite the price.

  12. im wondering if they even want to sell a ton of these or if they prefer to have less sales and less profits and maintain their “niche” status for whatever reason

    because if it was $750 or so, id imagine it would sell like crazy and nearly everyone would be wanting one

  13. Would be cool just as a mixer w/ soundcard. But TE always have to add dumb stuff like a meh synth engine and fx at a ridiculous price. Hope they finally have learned hw quality control now at least.

  14. incredible design, Dieter Rams would enjoy it. i understand there’s many factors contributing to the price point but i think at the very least there should be an SD card slot and be able to record stand alone. this would be a very cool companion to all their gadgets to be able to record into but still needing to connect to a computer defeats the purpose IMO.

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