Sinevibes Corrosion Brings 10 Types Of Distortion To Korg Multi-Engine Synths

Sinevibes has introduced Corrosion v2, a multi-algorithm distortion effect for the Korg Multi-Engine platform, including the KORG prologue, minilogue xd and NTS-1.

Corrosion features a total of 10 different distortion types such as saturation, clipping, wave folding, wave shaping, and more. Each of these algorithms affects the input signal in its own unique way – enriching its spectrum and emphasizing the smallest fluctuations in its waveform.


  • Studio-grade DSP algorithms, calibrated specifically for KORG’s hardware platform.
  • Individually chosen mapping for every plugin parameter, providing a very natural feel.
  • Built-in lag filters for noise-free, ultra-smooth parameter adjustment.
  • Optimized for maximum performance and stability on each individual device type.

Pricing and Availability

Corrosion v2 is available now for $19.

2 thoughts on “Sinevibes Corrosion Brings 10 Types Of Distortion To Korg Multi-Engine Synths

  1. Excellent. But they need to do something about their pricing, Currently you either pay a bulk price for all their effects that are on sale, or $19 for each effect you wish to purchase + bank conversion charge from dollars to whatever. If you want 4 or 5 effects, the price stacks up. 3 for the price of 2 would be slightly better. Also as it is 2022, offer payment in multiple currencies.

    1. sadly, the ‘logue development platform isn’t a slam dunk to develop for. there is no debug environment. it’s not trivial work like much of a PC development tool chain would provide. to me a very fair price – having worked on the platform too :0)

      I’ve bought literally all of Sinevibes work. top notch stuff.

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