Oberheim OB-X8 Sound Demo – “One of the Best Sounding Synths I’ve Ever Played”

Synthesist and sound designer Paul Schilling shared this hands-on sound demo of the new Oberheim OB-X8, the new flagship analog synth from pioneering instrument designer Tom Oberheim.

In the video, Schilling demos some of his custom patches for the new OB-X8.

“It is a great honor for me to contribute factory patches to this, an absolute dream machine by Tom Oberheim and the Sequential crew,” notes Schilling, adding that the OB-X8 is “Easily one of the best sounding synthesizers I have ever played.”

Technical notes:

‘A bit ‘ of reverb and delay to a few of the patche,s but no EQ or other processing.

The unit in this video was pre-production, so it had temp knobs, not the Oberheim style knobs of the production units.

28 thoughts on “Oberheim OB-X8 Sound Demo – “One of the Best Sounding Synths I’ve Ever Played”

  1. As great a sounding synth as it might be, difficult to tell considering the outdated awfulness displayed here. Dear God, my ears. What a waste.

    1. Modern3, I’m sure we’re all very excited to hear your music and review your credentials, especially the ones that inform this kind of substantive opinion. Can we get some links from you to your music? If Paul’s well-presented demo is, to you, awfulness on display, and a waste, then I’m sure we all look forward to hearing your personal version of the gold electronic musical standard of ‘modern’. Nice to see your God reference, that’s certainly modern as well;) Sigh…a waste indeed, but of what?

      Moderators, this kind of unconstructive remark is exactly why some of us who might otherwise enjoy and participate on this website, avoid it. Maybe it’s time to change the format here.

      1. Unconstructive? Hardly. I don’t we demand of others whom may criticise a building to suddenly furnish their design plans, and build their iteration of what they deem attractive anymore than someone whom is critical of literally work to suddenly author a book of their own. Not every criticism is a “Man in the Arena” moment! I was not critical of Paul’s presentation, nor his playing ability which is above far above my own, I was critical and remain so of the sound design creations, which has been done to ad-nauseam by every producer, sound designer, and the like.

        There was nothing new here. Had he chosen to blend a bit of the old and new, I would have perhaps even praised him, yet remaining in an echo chamber of empty plaudits moves nothing, NOTHING forward.

        Now, perhaps you and I have different tastes in music and sound palettes, that is a entirely different matter, however as presented, I deem Paul’s work derivative and trite, and I am being kind.

        1. True man I wasn’t going for anything revolutionary, just trying to bring out some of the characteristics that I like about the OB, in my own way (which admittedly may be limited). The OB-X8 YouTube demo vids by J3PO,  INHALT and Terris show a wider range, I’d definitely check those out and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more soon. I personally tend to dwell more (and drill down) on the tonal nuances of the synth (which in my own humble opinion, are  s p e c t a c u l a r !  )

          But I think I have enough sounds for a second demo video and will try use this feedback to shape it somewhat.

      1. This is about my genre, I was attempting to be as objective as possible and still found it in poor taste, sort of like your brand of humour.

        1. but i wasn’t trying to be funny. you really can’t extrapolate? At any rate, I would suggest watching Sonic State’s video. It’s more informative.

          1. Goat, which are by the way remarkably humorous animals, I think you are missing the point. Certainly I can decipher that this is probably a wonderful and warm sounding instrument. I was being sarcastic that is was difficult to decipher considering the rubbish I just heard.

            Cheers nonetheless, I really should cut back on the tea….

  2. “One of the Best Sounding Synths…”, I’m sure they are all “one of the best sounding synths”, heard it countless times on every synth release.

  3. Damn! That’s a GAS monster for sure, but Page 2 is where it really comes to life. That’s where you find Stereo Spread, envelope inversion and other inspiring goodies. The front panel alone would make it too simple. I’ve heard some people complain about the lack of onboard effects, but if you can afford a $5K synth, a couple of Strymon or Eventide boxes are a given on your accessories list. That image makes your thighs go all sweaty, don’t it? Admit it. OK, I admit it.

  4. The UI: knobs & display are tiny, a lot of wasted space on the left-end.
    The Sound: UNIVERSAL ^_^

    Keybed: Polyphonic After-touch ?????

  5. Looks great! Sounds great! Its nice to see Tom have a killer synth at this point to add to his legacy.
    Too expensive for for my blue collar wallet. Does it really only have one LFO at the 5k price point?

  6. A single digital oscillator is missing. This is too old sounding for my ears and i’m in the 50’s.

  7. In a Galaxy Far Far Away … The Rise Of the Synth. Father, the sleeper has AWAKEN!!!. Hands down so far, 2022 Synth of the Year.

    WARNING: If you combine with a Moog One … Don’t cross the streams!!!

  8. Tried it today at SuperBooth and instantly fell in love. Great layout, superb sound, and most of all it’s really immediate and fun to use. Brillant instrument!

  9. I respect Modern3’s right to voice his opinion, even frankly and sarcastically. Others can simply say they disagree. I had some similar thoughts but also liked some of the tones. The real question for me is how this compares to the Prophet 5/10 Rev4’s which I have been eyeing, and that will, no doubt, be a debate for the ages.

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