Silhouette Eins Optical Synthesizer Turns Visuals Into Sound In Real Time

At Superbooth 2022, inventor Pit Przygodda debuted the Silhouette Eins Optical Synthesizer, a new type of synthesizer that translates images into sound in real time.

The user interface consists of an on-monitor Plexiglass hardware controller, which addresses 4 software pages. Objects placed on the light table create the source audio waveforms in real time.

20 potentiometers and 21 buttons give you direct access to key functions. All values are shown directly behind and around the controlling potentiometer or button.

The Silhouette Eins builds on earlier designs, like Daphne Oram’s Oramics machine, but uses modern technology to allow for greater immediacy and interactivity.

Pricing and Availability:

The Silhouette Eins Optical Synthesizer is available now for 3800,- EUR.

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8 thoughts on “Silhouette Eins Optical Synthesizer Turns Visuals Into Sound In Real Time

  1. i like the idea of making sound from physical objects…looks great.
    the pricetag is rather hard…sciencegear. ?

    1. edit:
      just had a look at the website with a bit more informations.
      this is indeed a very special product. the interface with the knobs and changing visual feedback is something i haven´t seen that much. It is programmed in puredata so i think in fact you could use your own Controllers, Knobs, Webcam etc. to build something similar. (but i am no expert in programming…)
      A passionate project for sure and if you want to develop this idea further, you have to get some money to survive…so i hope for Pit that he will find some people that can help him develop this Synthesizer and maybe some day it will get affordable..or DIYish. Good luck! I like it…

  2. Well the price is high and for rich multimedia artist it a cheap price but get a computer, max msp or vvvv or processing or ebo suite or the list goes on and a midi controller, web camera or kinect camera, make your own version. I do think if he striped it down he could sell it a much lower price point. Like a still image/movie playing version with only cv controlled module. Would really drop the price. But this version is cool for rich media artist!

  3. I used a VST once that made sound using images as a source.. forgot what it was.. not present in my current setup.

  4. I love people with fresh idea’s and the passion to make it real.
    I think his interface with the knobs is very interesting too. Wondering if this could be developed to a product on its own for making a kind of advanced controller (some how it speaks more to me than the MP MIDI controller).

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