New Podcast Explores Early Days Of Computer Music

Composers & Computers is a new podcast series, from Princeton’s School of Engineering and Applied Science, that explores the school’s role in the early development of computer music.

In the podcast, host Aaron Nathans interweaves stories about science, art, friendships, and the extensive interdisciplinary links between the computational and musical realms at Princeton. Episodes look at the origins of computer music at Princeton, the role of composers like Milton Babbit and Paul Lansky, music theory and more.

Nathans notes that many composers feel “like there really is no such thing as computer music anymore,” adding, “It’s just music and…a computer is just another tool to make music.”

You can preview the first episode via the embed below, and subscribe to the podcast via Princeton’s site.

5 thoughts on “New Podcast Explores Early Days Of Computer Music

  1. In my early 20’s I was luck enough to see the studios at Princeton and Columbia. Yes, I had to write and call to get hooked into tours. My being in those studios encouraged me to dabble in early forms of making sound. I had a broken tubular tv that made awesome weird sounds. Bought a used reel tape recorder, and a used hobby scope. Started buying all the electronic music LPs that I could find….Columbia and Nonsuch labels.

    I want to see this documentary, looks awesome.

  2. Electronic music is a physical-ontological revelation, which is why it ages with the technology it uses, in the making, as the physical-psychic discovery of the world.

    1. yeah, really *anything* in life is a ‘physical-ontological revelation’ though..

      well unless your religious I guess

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