New England Synth Fest Features Monthly Live Planetarium Performances This Summer

The New England Synth Fest has announced a summer series of live electronic music performances. The shows will be performed in the immersive full dome environment of the Charles Hayden Planetarium at the Museum of Science in Boston.

This summer’s Synth Fest events happen on the second Thursday evening of each month, beginning June 9.

The June show will feature dome performances by Metal Tiger with visuals by Anagram, Jade Rose & Jame Coyne, and Violet Nox with visuals by DebStep, as well as lobby performances by Campos, Snowbeasts, and Oxalis. Tickets are $10 and can be purchased on the Museum of Science website.

The New England Synthesizer Festival calls itself “a loose-knit inclusive community of synthesizer hardware and music enthusiasts.” Since 2004, the group have been supporting exhibitions, meet-ups, performances, and education, all surrounding topics related to synthesizers. Their events are open to the public and welcome attendees with experience from beginner to expert. To learn more about the group and about the summer concert series, visit

Update, June 8, 11pm: The June 9 SynthFest performance has sold out, but tickets for the July 14 and August 11 shows are still available.

6 thoughts on “New England Synth Fest Features Monthly Live Planetarium Performances This Summer

  1. I guess they’ll have a bunch of Synclavier’s set up?! it’d be cool if they’d have all the different versions of’em with all that hardware represented in some form or will it be new things they’ve come up with, either way it could/should be an intriguing performance brought to u(us) by the makers of the magical legend monolith beast thanx folks

    1. As your follow-up comment says, this is “New England Synth Fest”, not “New England Digital”. Unfortunately, the wizards of NED went out of business in 1993. Plus they were up in Vermont. Our party is in Boston.

  2. Sorry New England Digital doesn’t have anything to do with this do they!? My Bad apologizees (saw the initials NED & overeacted) thanx kids

  3. June 9 update: We’ve moved from the Planetarium to the Omni Theater (bigger screen, more seats). Limited tickets at the door $10. Box office opens at 6pm. Exhibits and live music in the Lobby starts at 7pm.

  4. Update! We have moved from the planetarium for June 9th! Tonight’s performance will be at the museums IMAX theatre, the Mugar Omni Theatre, with a limited amount of tickets released at the door at 6 PM on a first-come, first-served basis!

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