20 Sounds On The Erica Synths DB-01 Bassline Synthesizer

This video, via Richard DeHove, explores the sonic range of the Erica Synths DB-01 bassline synthesizer.

The video explores the sonic range of the Erica Synths DB-01, using 1 pattern with 20 different bass sounds.

Here’s what DeHove has to say about the video:

On a recent video one comment said “Cool machine, but it only has one sound”. The truth or otherwise of that here is in the ear of the beholder.

With the very distinctive Polivoks filter and a single oscillator maybe every sound does sound a bit the same? And this is a bass synth after all. But to my ears there is a lot of difference. At the very least, the different settings emphasize different parts of the pattern, in this case the pitchmod drum-like thumps and the noisy highs.


0:00 One – Square
0:47 Two – Shakey
1:02 Three – Ramp
1:52 Four – Skinny
2:03 Five – Drive
2:23 Six – Harsh
2:43 Seven – Squelch
2:56 Eight – Poke
3:26 Nine – Noise
3:38 Ten – Dirt
3:56 Eleven – Discord
4:10 Twelve – Noise
5:00 Thirteen – Filth
5:38 Fourteen – S&H
6:13 Fifteen – Bandpass
7:10 Sixteen – Vocal
8:13 Seventeen – Zap
8:26 Eighteen – Unison
8:40 Ninteen – Smooth
8:50 Twenty – Grit
9:07 Twenty-one – Hollow

6 thoughts on “20 Sounds On The Erica Synths DB-01 Bassline Synthesizer

  1. Nice demo, but to me, it does all sound fairly similar. Not one sound, but also not 20 distinct ones, maybe closer to 4 with some variations. I don’t necessarily see that as a flaw though. I feel the same way about the 303. A handful of sounds that all sound great. I’d much rather have a narrower palate with a wider sweet spot than the reverse.

    1. I love mine. It has a lot of sweet spots. Less limited than a 303. Although I’ve been thinking of getting a clone to layer with the db-01.

  2. The formant thing doesn’t really work,
    Except for that and the bandpassfilter it’s lots of similar sounds. Meh

    1. Covering it with some reverb (even a decent one) also adds to things sounding more similar – wish he’d have left the reverb out as then it’s a demo of DB-01+Reverb, not a demo of the DB-01.

      There’s other videos out there showing the delicate and atmospheric side of the DB-01. I don’t think it sounds as similar as you seem to, though. It has quite a bit of range and capability within its limitations. I’d love to have one.

  3. The DB-1 is an angry little box that sounds superb and is surprisingly versatile. The sequencer and routing options are where it shines imho.

    My only complaints would be a confusing interface at first blush and a lack of on-board effects.

    The former is solved by familiarity and the latter via VST.

    Is it overpriced for what it does? Maybe at retail, but I’d buy it again second-hand without regret.

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