UDO Audio & Hazel Mills – Daylight- Super 6

UDO Audio have recently shared another Hazel Mills video, this time performing her composition ‘Daylight’ using the Super 6 in both Keyboard and Desktop models:

The Super 6 is a 12-voice synthesizer that’s designed so that it also can be used as a 6-voice binaural synthesizer, with each note having two independent synthesis paths. The result is different than sticking a chorus and reverb on the end of a mono channel because the synthesis process is different.

More information about the UDO Super 6 is available on the UDO Audio website.

12 thoughts on “UDO Audio & Hazel Mills – Daylight- Super 6

    1. Hmm, maneuvering the sounds through with the stereofield is pretty much a key element of designing sounds with this unit. So, no, it’s not a gimmick.

    2. Do you really think they will cut the voice count to half and call the synth “Super 6” (instead of “Super 12”) just for a gimmick?
      What’s sound better to you:
      12 voice hybrid synth
      6 voice hybrid?
      It’s actually one of it’s strongest features. Many synths brands invest now in stereo VCA’s to do voice allocation so clearly “stereo” is important to many and this goes some steps farther with “true stereo” signal path and spacial parameters to compliment this ability.

    3. Your comment suggests that you’re very uninformed.

      You think panning a synth & throwing a chorus on it = ‘binaural synthesis’.

      You might want to understand the things you comment on in the future, lest you make a habit of looking foolish.

  1. This is a lovely performance! And on a superb synth. I own one. This synth just oozes music. Very easy to create powerful motifs quickly, and flow from one to the next seamlessly…. an instant classic!

  2. Sounds muted, dull and thick to my ears, although the dimensionallity of the sound is promising. By the way, the light gray desktop version is easilly one of the best looking synths I’ve ever seen!

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