Free Update Turns Teenage Engineering TX-6 Field Mixer Into Digital Audio Recorder

Teenage Engineering has released a free firmware update for the TX-6 Field Mixer that turns it into a portable digital audio recorder.

Here’s what’s new in TX–6 firmware update 1.1.4:

  • USB mass storage disk record/playback for 24-bit 48 kHz stereo wav files, including armed recording with automatic start on audio detect.
  • PO-sync output on aux and cue, with selectable 8th note for PO-sync and 16th note for modular systems.
  • External midi control of all TX–6 parameters, for complete remote control over midi.
  • Extended midi support for synth mode to play the synth chromatically using midi notes from an external keyboard.
  • Added ‘scenes’ to save and load all settings.
  • USB audio multiple sample rate support: 48 kHz and additionally 44.1 kHz, for compatibility with MPC live etc.
  • BLE midi clock in/out support with clock routing settings.
  • BLE host mode to connect peripherals like BLE midi keyboards.
  • Switchable aux and cue outputs, to be able to utilize the higher output level of the aux jack if needed for high impedance headphones.
  • Added balanced mono input mode in addition to the stereo / mono / split modes.
  • Parameters keep their values until a knob is moved, making it easier to switch knob config without undesired behavior.
  • No snap back of the freeze FX parameter. click to reset instead.
  • Smoother change of FX I send.
  • Stability bugfix for usb midi host mode.
  • USB audio mode set on menu exit, instead of directly

It’s a free download at the TE site.

17 thoughts on “Free Update Turns Teenage Engineering TX-6 Field Mixer Into Digital Audio Recorder

  1. Does this just record one track or the full 6 tracks of stereo?

    Because, if it’s the latter, this just got way more interesting.

  2. I think its a single track. I got mine yesterday and woke up to this update. None of my usb drives work with a usb-c adapter (they do work on my macbook but read as No Disk on the TX-6). So I had to order a usb-c flash drive. I’m hoping its not one of those “here is a list of drives/brands that work” issues since there isnt much detail in the manual and according to the internet, no one will be purchasing this thing to have a big enough community. Either way, I’ll take the one track. If I want stems, ill just use it as an audio interface. All the other updates are great.

    1. I’m on the planet that stopped caring about price critiques. The plant that’s making music and having fun. The planet that finds value in things other don’t. Pretty sweet planet. There are alternatives, just not as feature rich and portable. So thanks for asking but I’ll be fine.

        1. Calling something you disagree with unintelligent makes you look really, really, super intelligent. Mudslinging is definitely not a poor substitute for a reasoned argument. People who think companies sometimes take advantage of consumers sure are stupid. And other hot takes. Sarcasm aside, TE can charge what they want, and consumers can make their own decisions about the value of their offerings, and they can voice those opinions in public forums where those products are being discussed. And yes, really big-brained people can imply that they are stupid for doing so. And I can find it entertaining.

    2. This is one of the best purchases I have made in a long time. The sound quality at 32 bit is uncannily good. I use this on the road traveling and running playback for a major pop artist. It gives me so much flexibility. Already in tour rehearsals, it has more than proven itself in a few days. I am able to mix my in-ear pack listening to the band/md rehearsing, radio, and another music making rig for doing edits and composing new material. It works amazing as a class compliant interface. I just handed off the mixer to our guitarist to do a quick inear pack recording into his logic rig in a few seconds. I also have had easy great success using it with the op-z and uncanny op-1 field which is also not deserving of the hate. The sound quality and mic is light years beyond the old one. I’m getting stellar results recording my trumpet with the built in mic. I haven’t even gotten to the mfi iPhone and standalone recording yet, but in the brief time I have had this it is alchemical gold for my needs as much as we travel.

    3. Overpriced? Easily covered within a single small ( paid ) project expenses. Expensive for afternoon hobbyists indeed.

  3. man wouldn’t that have been cool if it was a microsd slot instead. come on design guys, gonna snap that usb drive in the field

    1. Only if it was in addition not instead. you can connect a mini flash drive if it really bothers you but usb A is pretty solid, and you can also connect an ssd drive.

  4. this is getting closer to the deserved part of the “high end” gear tag

    i appreciate that stuff like this exists… but yeh its important to justify that high-end price with ACTUAL AND LEGITIMATE high-end features and qualities

  5. now if they find a way to allow for multi tracking all 6 stereo or 12 mono channels this thing will be a force. maybe in a future update.

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