Output and Reason Studios Team Up For Arcade & Reason+ Bundle

Music production technology companies Output Inc. and Reason Studios have partnered together to create the Arcade & Reason+ Bundle, a complete package of instruments, effects and samples for music creators. This package pairs two plugin collections for music makers.

“We are thrilled to partner with Reason to create our first-ever bundle of this kind, allowing music makers even easier access to the tools they need to get creative in the studio,“ says Gregg Lehrman, CEO at Output Inc.

Yana Mahal, Make MORE Beats With These 2 Plugins | Arcade & Reason+

Highlighting the launch, Output and Reason Studios will be hosting a livestream event on the Reason Studios YouTube channel on July 5 at 10 a.m. PDT with artist and producer Yana Mahal. Expect plenty of great stories and music-making tips. Viewers can watch at this link.

“Both Reason+ and Arcade have the same goal: helping music producers to focus on their creativity and ideation. The pairing of Reason’s virtual studio rack of innovative synthesizers, drum machines, players and audio effects with Arcade’s inspiration machine of samples and playable instruments is the complete creative bundle for music producers, and at an unbeatable price too,” says Niklas Agevik, CEO at Reason Studios.

Jordan Atkins-Loria, Speed up your beatmaking workflow | Arcade & Reason+

Both the Reason Rack Plugin and Arcade support all plugin formats (VST/AU/AAX) and can be used in any DAW, whether it be Ableton Live, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, FL Studio or any other major DAW.

Pricing and Availability

The Arcade & Reason+ bundle includes two annual subscriptions — one to Reason+ and one to Arcade. The package costs $249/year (a 17% savings compared to purchasing both annual subscriptions separately). Through July 14, the bundle subscription is available for $149 for the first year. Learn more about and/or sign up for the bundle at this link.

4 thoughts on “Output and Reason Studios Team Up For Arcade & Reason+ Bundle

  1. First comes individual company subscriptions, then bundled company subscriptions, then THERE WILL ONLY BE ONE (evil laugh…)

    People will eventually work out they are better off just having a few things high quality tools that they know how to use than everything all at once.

  2. I’ve always had a goto hardware instrument, never a software instrument. Maybe 10-15 DAW’s, a trillion soft synths, billions of software samplers, half are like the MPC, etc. Its a rabbit hole and there’s a reaosn a lot of people own a ton of soft synths but only use Serum.
    When hard ware comes out and everyone is like “look at how expensive it is”, I just think of all the software I hardly use and add up those cost versus an OP-1 that I use daily. The value is in the user, not the price.

  3. As Caspersight from YouTube would shout, “ Maximum drama pleeeeeeeeese!”
    OMG LOL!

    “Always”, “never”, “trillion”,”billions of software samplers”, “a lot of people”, “ton of soft synths”,
    “but only use”, “everyone”, “all the software”,

    it’s somehow the “rabbit hole” that is responsible for buying endless soft synths that “I hardly” use lol!
    Maybe the person that keeps buying “a trillion soft synths” that “I hardly use” might possibly be the issue?

    “maybe 10-15 DAWs” lol!

    People can use whatever they want to make music, they are free to post their buying stupidity on this forum and then whine about it, they can love hardware, hate VSTs, they can hate iPhones, iPads, Notebooks, marimbas lol,
    they can support companies that came out against price gouging on the record, and then proceeded to gouge their prices lol. Oh what a world.

    “ maybe 10-15 DAWs” – oh my, well maybe one day my prince will come…

  4. Reason user since version 1 and Rebirth user before that since version 1 as well.
    Omg, am I that old… 😉
    Currently enjoying Reasonstudios subscription.
    Getting it all for free forever, love it 🙂
    Btw; I’m subscription model advocate – Roland is my another subscription favourite 😉
    PS; Reason is not the only DAW I use… Being on Mac, I obviously use Logic Pro, but also Cubase Pro 12 and Ableton Suite 11.

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