Synth Vault Celebrates Anniversary With SympleSound Collab, New Online Communitiy

To celebrate one year of the free monthly preset club Synth Vault, British sound designer Tom Wolfe has released a collaboration with American sound designer Francis Preve, as well as launching a brand new feature for members – the Synth Vault Community.

The Synth Vault is a free monthly preset club, with 20 brand new presets available to download for free every month. Users of Arturia Pigments, Spectrasonics Omnisphere, U-he synths and more can enhance their sonic palette with these free monthly updates.

Tom Wolfe collaborated with sound designer Francis Preve on a unique, free preset pack. Featuring 10 presets for Xfer’s Serum, this soundbank is available to download exclusively from the Synth Vault until July 31. The presets include a serene digital pad, a robotic lead synth, a powerful bass synth and more.

A new community for members. July month also marks the launch of the new Synth Vault Community. After talking with Synth Vault members about what additional features they’d like to have introduced, an number of users requested a community where members could chat. The Synth Vault Community is available exclusively to members, and aims to provide a safe place for users of all skill and experience levels to discuss synthesis, sound design and music production, sharing tips and tricks with one another. The community is now live, and can be accessed via the Members Area.

Synth Vault – the free monthly preset club. Launched in July 2021, Tom Wolfe’s Synth Vault is a free membership-based preset club. Every month, members can download 20 brand new presets – 5 for Arturia Pigments, 5 for Spectrasonics Omnisphere, 5 for a different U-he synth each month, and 5 for a different “Wildcard” synth each month. Past Wildcard synths have included Vital, Serum, Absynth, Pendulate and more. Since its launch a year ago, the Synth Vault has given away 240 presets given so far. There’s no cost to become a member, and every month the presets, along with sound design tutorials, are available for members without charge.

This month’s Synth Vault presets featuring Francis Preve’s soundbank for Xfer Serum is available, free of charge, through July 31. Synth Vault’s new community feature is available now to for registered member/subscribers of Synth Vault. To enroll or for more information, visit the site.

2 thoughts on “Synth Vault Celebrates Anniversary With SympleSound Collab, New Online Communitiy

  1. That’s great news for me as a Pigments player, but moreso because its Francis Preve. He’s an excellent sound designer who has taught synthesis at the university level, so his advice & sounds are golden. His AAS Chromaphone patches are like small lessons in physical modeling.

    I haven’t heard of Tom Wolfe, but I’m going to look him up. These two could rightfully charge for this, considering their pedigrees, so its gracious to see it offered for free.

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