AVP Synth ADS-7 mk2 Analog Drum Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

AVP Synth shared this video demo of their new ADS-7 mk2 Analog Drum Synthesizer, which is available in white, blue, green, orange, grey, black and purple.

All sound has been recorded directly from stereo out of the unit (24/48000). Some delay and reverb effects applied at times. All panoramic of each sound sections are also done from the unit itself.

Sequence 1 – 0:02
Sequence 2 – 1:54
Sequence 3 – 3:32
Sequence 4 – 4:52
Sequence 5 – 6:12
Sequence 6 – 7:40
Sequence 7 – 9:40


  • Fully analog, discrete components;
  • 7 individual sound channels: Bass Drum (BD), Clap (CL), Open Hat and Closed Hat (OH/CH) with choking on/off, 3 separate Generators (GEN) with Band-pass and Low-pass filter options for creating all kinds of analog tones and fx ranging from bass, toms “pew”, snares, noises, zaps, clicks, sticks and more;
  • 65 knobs/controls for different sound shaping options: from standard noise to metallic tones;
  • Built-in 16-track MIDI sequencer created by Bruno Dupeyron (France);
  • Up to 16 banks with 16 patterns (256 patterns and 16 chains);
  • Ability to load/save 16 Banks, Patterns and Chains;
  • MIDI In/MIDI Out, Sync;
  • 3.5 mm individual trigger in for each sound (x7 in total);
  • Four 3.5 mm individual trigger outputs to control external devices;
  • Stereo and individual 6.3 mm output for each sound

See the AVP site for details.

83 thoughts on “AVP Synth ADS-7 mk2 Analog Drum Synthesizer Hands-On Demo

  1. Can it make the sound of a missile hitting a school?
    The whiz of shrapnel hitting a pregnant woman?
    The hiss of baby’s last breath?

    1. It’s limited to the sound of napalm burning villages, depleted uranium thudding into markets, and drones killing wedding parties.

      1. They probably voted for Putin.
        But we wouldn’t know for sure because they hide their nationality as much as possible on their website and don’t display any messages condemning Russia’s extreme violence towards Ukraine.
        Now is the time for Russian citizens to show their defiance, or not.
        The war is in their name.

        Why not put up instead of wafting some whataboutism?

        1. You know how “elections” work in Russia, right? And whataboutism serves a purpose here, considering that Israel also invaded Palestine. Doesn’t mean that people from Israel are devils, right? Hate the government, not individuals trying to make ends meet.

          1. Whataboutism is all about deflection, lack of intellectual rigour and arguing in bad faith. By all means make a comparrison between the two conflicts. You haven’t.
            The initial annexation of Crimea is much more compareable than the full-blown shit show that threatens to spill out to WW3.

    2. I am pretty sure they would be breaking the trademark sound of American Synths which already have claimed the sounds you have listed plus many more. Sadly AVP Synth can not compare to the american synth sound of millions of sheep or the patented sound of polarization. Megaphonic!

    3. Are you asking the same for synths/drum machines coming from the US, UK, France, Germany, Turkey, Israel, etc? Or does it only matter in cases of fairer skin colored people ?

      1. Thanks for the slightly more subtle whataboutism.
        You too seem to think Russia should get a free pass to murder kids because other bad stuff happens.
        Interesting. I’m not sure that sort of argument would stand up in court.
        Or that my assumed lack of consistency should invalidate my argument?
        I’m tired of pointing out that a junkie can say that meth is bad and it still be correct.
        Stick to subject: this Russian drum machine, a company hiding their nationality and not denoucing the war, but still want to carry on trading with Europe.

        1. You do realize how ignorant your comments are? Are you talking about Russia or the United States? Might be time for you to reread yourself and realize you have no argument. Your logic is like saying any song written in the United States but performed in the UK at top of the Pops … makes the listener pro pedophile. See my pointlessness?

          1. This product, this company, this nation, this war.
            Take your irrelevant,whataboutism to a different product launch thread.

          1. Tihs product, this company, this war.
            Take your irrelevant whababoutism to a USA product launch thread by all means.
            See if you then get frustrated by people talking about how apartheid was brought down by effective boycotts.(ie people changing the subject)

    4. I also would prefer not to do business with Russian companies due to the ongoing war, but unless they’re somehow boosting Vladimir Putin I don’t feel the people at a small synth company are morally responsible for what their country’s army is doing.

      1. Now is the time for Russian citizens to act.
        If the cosmonauts entering the ISS can accidently find loads of yellow and blue fabric then Russian synth makers can show their true colours too. Especialny since they want to tap the European market.

              1. There is a war. It is Russia’s war. Russian citizens cannot stick their heads in the sand whilst trying to export to Europe. Soon Putin will have no alternative but to declare a war in order to find enough soldiers. Only public opinion could stop him.

    1. What war? In who’s name?
      If AVP had the balls to put an anti-war message on their website then I’d be happy to support them.
      At the mo they appear willing accomplices.

      1. You realize they can’t do that and will go to prison if they do, right? You really need to understand how Russia operates before you comment. The people in Russia can’t do anything about the situation. It’s a fascist country where dissidents are being killed and imprisoned. The sanctions make the situation worse for everyone in the world. A lot of wheat and fertilizer comes from Russia, to produce it elsewhere you need gas and oil. The sanctions will cause a world wide famine next year and potentially the end of the European economy. Russia is pretty self-sufficient, they’ll do fine without us.

        1. I know Russia well enough, thanks.
          I have relatives there, I keep clued up.
          I see more and more people on 1420 both willing to call it a war and reject it in their name.
          The world needs to stop sucking up to mafia despots like Putin.
          Check the wording of the laws, yellow and blue are not illegal, ask the ISS cosmonauts.
          The world needs Russia’s fossil fuels as much as it needs WW3.
          The rich west need to lead the way in cutting their usage unless you hadn’t noticed.

        2. The war, not sanctions, might cause a famine.
          Sanctions will help to bring an end to the war.
          You seem to be saying that Putin can invade any country and bring death and destruction at will as long as he keeps his oil, gas and wheat flowing?
          The rest of the world can easily replace Russia’s exports if they are willing to sacrifice. The EU has a pragmatic, if imperfect, plan to do just that will Russian gas.
          The cost of inaction to Russia’s brutal aggression is far far higher than having to sell cheap grain to Africa.
          In 2016 USA produced 7 times as much grain as Russia. China even more than USA. India produced 3 times Russia’s output.
          To claim ‘potentially the end of the European economy’ is truly bizarre. Please explain and post your source
          And to claim sanctions aren’t having effects in Russia is equally bizarre.
          See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uSoJDIBdglM

    2. Yes it does. No one should be buying anything from russia. This website should not be promoting anything from russia. Soma is also russian. When these companies actively denounce their government (which is amazing and brave in russia right now) then I will change my mind. Mods: Kindly delete these russian products off your website. The advertising rug may well be pulled from under you if this continues. The dialogue here has become terribly acidic and unpleasant.

      1. That’s just insane. So 160 million ordinary people from Russia should suffer, because they have a psychopath at the helm? By that logic you’d have to ban Israeli, US and German products as well. Cancel culture is nothing but fascism hiding as activism.

        1. Whataboutism and culture wars in a single post!
          What’s wrong with calling it a boycott?
          It helped bring down apartheid.

  2. I hope drum machine manufacture will offer analog gate inputs that go straight to the drums triggers as standard (not like the drm1) Sine midi is serial it’s not the best solution for tight drums and i prefer to use my own sequencer/daw es.

    1. Bravo Sir or Madam.
      All these comments and this is the only one about how the machine might function.
      I think it sounds okay. I have drums covered for the moment so not that interested, but definitely want to invest in a “proper” drum machine in the next year or two. Possibly something from MFB or Soma. Will do some more in depth research nearer the time.

  3. Looks like a great product and also sounds amazing. Its a great thing I am not a complete moron who pretends to understand what the poor russian people are going through because of sanctions which are unjust to the people. Gotcha!

    1. Unjust to the people my ass. You don’t like sanctions? Topple your dictator who murders people in neighbouring countries. I’m sure you prefer sanctions to bombs. And don’t give me the “ordinary citizens” crap. That’s been old since the German Nazis claimed they didn’t know anything.

      1. Prefer sanctions to bombs?…… I prefer regular munition type bombs vs the Nuclear kind which Sanctions are pushing towards. Im kind of shocked that the Woke crowd is pro war now…. SMH

          1. genocide, like Americans have conducted on the indigenous population? or asian peoples in Japan, Korea, Vietnam? or Muslims in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen….? we could go on…

            1. Yeah you could go on, mate.
              And it’d all be irrelevant whataboutism.
              Is sticking to the subject just too plain tricky for you?

              1. Accusing an interlocutor of whataboutism can also in itself be manipulative and serve the motive of discrediting, as critical talking points can be used selectively and purposefully even as the starting point of the conversation

                1. That all sounds great. Apart from it didn’t happen and rarely does.
                  Whataboutism is used to avoid discussion.
                  In this case they seem to be saying, as they haven’t actually made an explicit position:
                  ‘you can’t boycott Russia because you haven’t boycotted USA for Vietnam’
                  Please correct me if I’m wrong and by all means attempt to carry that argument or any other you can read into their comments.

                    1. Sonic ill strike you a deal, meet me at the Namm show 2023 and ill meet you face to face in a synth duel. and then afterwards the looser has to show invoices for the last 25 years of gear.

        1. Sanctions will not lead to nuclear war.
          Quite the opposite.
          Make your case, so far you haven’t made any whatsoever.

        2. Sanctions will end the war sooner than no sanctions.
          Sanctions will not lead to nuclear war. To suggest such a thing is ridiculous. You don’t back up that statement with any facts or analysis.
          You are pro war because you are pro-Putin.

      2. Or the American knowing nothing about Afganistan, Syria, Irak, Serbia, etc…Imagine if synthtopia didn’t feature any American synth because of your noble stance…That would be something..We would probably only be left with music technology by Japan!

        1. You don’t paint a coherent picture, nuanced or balanced of any of those conflicts.
          No historical context, nada, zip. Nothing tangible to allow for deep comparrison of the Russia Ukraine war.
          That’s because it’s whataboutism.

        2. Ahh but whatabout what Japan did to China. We should boycott them?
          Or whatabout this or that?
          How about discussing a boycott of Russia for their invasion, their war of aggression.
          How about accepting and not flagrantly ignoring the TEMPORAL NATURE of a boycott?
          A boycott of America will achieve what exactly?
          A boycott of Russia will bring the war to an end sooner.
          That is all that should be discussed.
          This whataboutism is something Lavrov would be rubbing his hands with glee about. It is something that RT America was all about.

    1. Soma is in Russia? I just bought a Pulsar-23. Lyra-8 is looking pretty good too but I wish it was patchable, thats th ebest part of the pulsar- almost everything is a source and destination.

      1. Im pretty sure Soma is from Russia, That guy is a mad scientist. I got something called Quantum Ocean..OMG if people only knew what it was really for…..

          1. Yeah that show was fun… but if we are talking about the Quantum Leap Noise generator…… Not to promote taking certain disassociative chemicals….. but the QL is having an FPS controller for the inside of your brain. The electrical input loop…. syncs nicely

            1. I just did some good ol’ college research on the Quanton ocean. I dont want none of that noise but looks very interesting.

              1. I do not regret getting it.. as it is a REAL magical item for the purpose I explained above….As far as it being useful in making music….. IF you dont have pink noise… then its perfect to sweep a LP filter on it..

  4. Don’t feed the troll. Both of my grandfathers fought in the Korean war, but I’ll never stop eating kimchi.
    I’d love one of these!

  5. Need I reminding/educating some of you, that even simply calling the war by it’s name can render you in prison in Russia? Google Alexei Gorinov for a good example. The now repressed Memorial human rights organisation estimated similar amount of political prisoners in Russia today as in the stalinist era or the 70s. And the FSB – the modern day KGB can take away your Russian based business in no time.

    If you want to boycott individual Russian companies who don’t publicly denounce the war – that’s fine. I think this behaviour has it’s place during war. Sanctions and economic blocades are necessary until the violence stops and the damage is repaired. But please, draw some distinctions between a boutique synth company and the fascist junta, who’s been terrorising and repressing it’s own populaion for the past 20 years and now began exporting the violence because of fear of it’s own people.
    We can talk about “collective guilt” here all day, but keep in mind, that there are some people who are more responsible for this than others and they shouldn’t get to hide behind the backs of the rest of the population.

    Oh btw, SOMA is actually founded by a Ukrainian, and it’s parent company is based in Poland.

    1. I disagree.
      There are some sources that say the Russian population is increasingly ignoring the war.
      The opinion of the Russian people provides a minimal, yet vital counterbalance.
      Conscripts cannot be stationed outside Russian borders unless there is a declaration of war.
      As the population aquiesce and Putin grinds through his reservists, retired veterans and Wagner contractors, the likelihood of a declaration of war increases.
      Recruitment drives in poor villiages are still bearing fruit but can only yield low quality combatants.
      It is important to send the message to ordinary Russia people that Putin’s actions carry consequences for them too.
      There has been some discussion about SOMA. Vlad Kreimer relocated from Ukraine to Moscow after the annexation. Like AVP he champions his Polish credentials but does not decry the war. He has a broad statement on his website expressing love of freedom.
      He is pictured in this video wearing something strikingly like a Telnyasska (a Russian military t-shirt) https://youtu.be/X47AQl6A16M?t=102
      He surely knows the symbolic imagery the close blue and white stripes portray.

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