Emerson, Lake & Palmer Coming Back From The Dead For 50th Anniversary Tour

Sole surviving Emerson, Lake & Palmer member Carl Palmer, in association with the Estates of his bandmates Keith Emerson & Greg Lake, has announced a 50th anniversary tour.

The performances will feature Palmer and a live band, playing along with classic footage and recordings of the late Keith Emerson & Greg Lake.

The WELCOME BACK MY FRIENDS- THE RETURN OF EMERSON LAKE & PALMER Tour, starts Friday November 18th, 2022 at the 2300 ARENA in Philadelphia, PA.

After exploring the idea of a Hologram tour, Palmer (with the Estates of Emerson and Lake) opted for what they felt was a more honest approach, using live footage of the late Emerson and Lake on massive video walls, alongside Palmer and his band playing live on stage. The voice and instrumentation of Greg Lake and the unmistakable keyboard mastery of Keith Emerson will be mixed with Palmer’s onstage live drumming to virtually reunite the band.

After establishing themselves in bands such as The Nice, King Crimson, and The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, ELP was formed in early 1970 as one of rock’s first supergroups. With record sales of over 50 million, and decades of sold out tours through the 1970s and again in the 1990s, Emerson Lake & Palmer has remained one of the best-selling classic rock bands of all time.

The tour will coincide with the new BMG box set of classic ELP hit singles pressed on vinyl with reproductions of the
original picture sleeves.

The tour is being launched with the full approval of the Emerson and Lake Estates, as well as the various managers who have represented the members of the band. The tour will start in the US during Fall 2022, with plans to play globally where ELP toured throughout its career. Tour dates are available at Palmer’s site.

14 thoughts on “Emerson, Lake & Palmer Coming Back From The Dead For 50th Anniversary Tour

  1. Freeze-dried classic bands employing holograms of deceased members remind me of Monty Python: “Bring out your dead! Bring out your dead!” I’m a big fan who happily saw ELP live, but this just feels a bit creepy. Of course, so is watching the misery-porn of “The Walking Dead” and I did that for a while, too.

  2. Over the years I was fortunate to see ELP 3 times. All prior to Keith’s operation on his hand. Got to watch them from backstage at the Oakland show when Journey(w/Robert Fleishman) opened for them. The entire band was amazing. Got to actually meet Keith at the House of Blues in LA when Marillion played 2 nights in 2012? He was super nice and friendly.

    JMO, but I was not a fan of Palmer’s version with the 2 younger musicians, no way the guitar(with the exception of Marc Bonilla’s awesome playing in the Keith Emerson Band), could ever by itself cover the sonics that were so important to ELP’s sound. I remember reading one of the Buddy Rich biographies and Palmer was one of the few “rock” drummers he respected. But this seems a bit off to me, and nothing I would pay to go see, but more power to Carl for still playing and trying to keep the legacy alive I guess.

  3. I went to see an ELP, Yes, and Moody Blues concert in the St. Augustine Ampitheater a few years back. All three in one concert. The sound system at the Ampitheater was so distorted you could’t tell much of anything that was being played. Got up and left about 2/3 through the show. I was talking with a group of people about a year ago and one of them said he went to the same concert and left also because the sound was so distorted. Hope your venue has a good sound system. St. Augustine Ampitheater was awful.

  4. I love ELP’s music and I’m sad that 2/3 of the magic has left us. This, however, is a bridge too far for me. Some things are just too creepy. I’ll listen to my LPs, CDs and cassette tapes and just be thankful I got to see lightning in a bottle.

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