New iPad App, Vatanator Pro, Features Advanced Multitrack Sequencing, Sampling & More

Backpullver Software has introduced Vatanator Pro, an advanced multitrack music sequencer for iPad, with integrated drum machine, sampler and functionality to load external AUv3 instruments and effects.

It features MIDI Learn support, MPE, parameter automation, real-time recording, a Song arranger, Performance Mode, built-in sampling and more.


  • Audio Unit Extension Host
  • Advanced multi-track music sequencer
  • Edit and record patterns in real-time (with options for quantization, undo and more)
  • Integrated real-time drum sampler with individual effects and XY pad
  • On-screen piano keyboard for playing/recording AUv3 instruments
  • Isomorphic keyboard with option for selecting different scales
  • Full MIDI implementation (Bluetooth MIDI, Network MIDI and USB MIDI)
  • MIDI Learn implementation
  • Integrated drum repeater and instrument arpeggiator
  • MPE support
  • Parameter automation (AUv3 and internal parameters)
  • Song arranger
  • Performance Mode (use multi-touch to control patterns)
  • Drum kit editor (with ability for rearrange/remove/add samples)
  • Sample recorder and advanced sample slicer
  • Audiobus, Ableton Link, Ableton Live Set Export and Inter-App Audio support
  • Import Audio/MIDI files from Files app
  • Audio track support
  • Multi-channel mixer
  • Odd-time signature support
  • Option to autosave/load last project

Pricing and Availability

Vatanator Pro is available now for $22.99.

If you’ve used Vatanator Pro, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

3 thoughts on “New iPad App, Vatanator Pro, Features Advanced Multitrack Sequencing, Sampling & More

  1. Great app. A few small bugs and Ui improvements needed. But after owning an akai force, I can say this is the closest thing in ios format I have seen. I know beat maker 3 is the users choice for an MPC experience, but I found it to be too deep and DAW like. Vatanator pro is a simpler user experience and feels more immediate like an MPC.

  2. Vatanator Pro has a TON of potential and I do like the workflow geared more toward live usage. As Mash pointed out, Beatmaker 3 is a really good MPC experience, but this is much quicker to get things going quick… plus Vatanator has clip launching similar to Abelton Live. There are some bugs that surely will get squashed, but in general, this is going to be fun if/when updates fix the issues. The one thing that I REALLY want is an AU3 app with multi-out support.

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