The Behringer Deepmind Audio Input Mod Turns It Into Capable Effects Unit, But Will Void Your Warranty

This video, via TheKingKorg, takes a look at how you can mod the Behringer Deepmind to support audio input.

“Just Juno Chorus alone is worth the mod,” they note.

Topics covered:

0:00 the talk
4:29 soldering
7:56 audio demo

Note that this type of mod will void your warranty. If you give this mod a try, though, leave a comment and share your thoughts on it!

21 thoughts on “The Behringer Deepmind Audio Input Mod Turns It Into Capable Effects Unit, But Will Void Your Warranty

  1. Nice mod. Can KingKorg come up with a similar mod for the Korg Minilogue XD? It would be great to use the Minilogue XD effects section similar to how the NTS1 can be used.

    1. there’s a service manual for Prologue on synthxl. the voice cards are the same across logues. the main card is different but the circuits are mostly the same. an extra audio input can easily be added to the pre-effects mixer. as well as a dry bypass for effects – if you can mod the effects to eliminate the dry path lol.

      easier to get an NTS-1

  2. Yeah geez what a big honky surprise from these clone clown knockoff artists that make cheap crap in chiner?! known as b-ear-ringer what a joke folks

    1. Why even bother comment?
      All you bring to the table is negativity and boring Behringer bashing.
      This is more about the Mod itself than Behringer, but still you have to comment.

    1. this Behringer vintage revival is the best thing going for folks that like to modify their gear. I crack the guts open within the first hours of a new purchase literally every time :0) I’ve tweaked over all my System B55 stuff. very simple construction.

  3. I remember when the DM’s came out, we were talking in these threads about how the lack of an audio input was a major disappointment, given the impressive power of those effects & filters. I’d be reluctant to risk ruining a board in this way– especially given that comparable effects could be gotten with some iPad or Fractal or Zoom or Boss thingy.

    1. Behringer is missing the boat by focusing 100% on knockoffs, vs building on the Deepmind line.

      I’d be very interested in a “Deepmind Pro”. Double the polyphony, add audio input, make it a ‘pro-level’ keyboard and price it as close to $1k as possible – and they’d have a massive hit. Show that they can do something on a par with Yamaha, Korg or Roland’s flagship synths.

      Right now, though, Behringer seems like they’re intent on making their line the hardware equivalent of Arturia V Collection.

      1. Much as I dislike B-word, I agree with you that a Pro version of the DeepMind would be a pretty cool idea. Devil is in the details, though. I got a brief glance at a DM12 in a shop, and wasn’t impressed with the build quality. Perhaps the Pro could have better build quality.

        Can’t you just hear the ad? You think the DM12 wasn’t a total P.o.S.? Well the DM-Pro is even LESS of a P.o.S.!! OK, calm down, I’m just riffing, not trolling.

        1. It’s literally a single board design in a clam shell metal enclosure with a couple of end cheeks. really simple construction. it’s not like the Kronos is a battleship either, it has all sorts of little bits and pieces lightly buttoned down around inside; like a PC in a fancy case would. if I was worried, I would stuff some foam in it to cushion shock. other than that, I don’t see a problem with all the hardware I’ve seen. a drop is a drop. it’s always a crap shoot. I don’t move my stuff sooooo hubris wins again! lol

          I must say, I’ve enjoyed a mostly civilized Behringer thread. I think I’ll be less of a jerk now. :0)

  4. If I understand this right, you just add the external input in parallel to the Synth -> FX unit path. So it’s not an extra input, right? Without any summing or decoupling stage you’re loading the synth out with the impedance of the outputs you plug in additionally. Rather crude…

  5. Thanks for the featuring on synthopia!

    @Chris, I personally see no issue with impedance, the signals just get summed just like in many mixers. It is not high impedance line, THD/FR/Noise measurements i made are just fine. I point to the input points in the video, please feel free to adjust the circuit to you liking and/or add additional stage. This might though make things more complicated for an average DIYer, and i can see no reason for it, but i might be wrong.


    1. true! the bang for the buck for not having to fly a small perf board is immeasurable. these aren’t after market bolt ons for 50 quid a pop. :0)

  6. I owned a Deepmind 2 years ago, and one of my favorite ‘perks’ were the effect section. It is pretty neat, very clear with very, very good algorithms and combinations. Had to sell it to due to economy circumstances. I really do regret it let it go. For certain and if I still have it I definitively try this mod.

    PS I: If any one is interested I made several wooden sides (a little bit thicker a la 106 since they look way , way better than the originals) for the synth (Black,, clear pine , oak, etc.) if any one is interested in a set of both sides feel free to let me know. I’ll sell them to you very cheap since I do not have any more use for them =(

    PS Does anybody here by any chance have information or know on any modification for the TORAIZ AS-1. This knowledge will be highly highly appreciate it fellow synth-heads!

    good bless and thanks in advance



  7. Hi hello synth-heads!. I used to own a Deepmind but had to sell it due the economy collapsed for me. As a synth is an incredible piece of hardware for the price.One of my favorite ‘perks’ was to assign the effects at the end after creating and modeling the base sound. The effect engine in this thing it is first class, sound it is pretty clear on each of the all effects and combinations of them. algorithms are pretty, pretty neat. I do regret sold it literally for peanuts, but such it is life. I would definitively try this mod if I still have it. Thanks for sharing for us that love to mod our hardware to squeeze the most of it. I made some wooden side panels ‘a-la’ 106 ( little bit thicker sides look killer on this synth. I made black, clear pine, oak, etc. if any of you are interested feel free to contact me. I will sell them to you pretty pretty cheap since I do not have any use for them and they are sitting in a box since 2020.

    PS If any of you know or have any knowledge on any modification for the TORAIZ AS-1 will be hyper-super-highly appreciate it!

    thanks in advance


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