IKEA & Swedish House Mafia Team Intro OBEGRÄNSAD Home Studio Line

IKEA and Swedish House Mafia have teamed on a new line of home studio products that they are designed to “democratize music production at home”.

The result of the collaboration is OBEGRÄNSAD, a collection intended to let you build the perfect home studio at an affordable price. The collection builds on the band’s insights into the needs of those starting up a music or creative career.

“Since we were kids, we have valued IKEA’s approach of making things affordable and available for a lot of people. We used to find a creative way to make IKEA furniture to accommodate our teenage lives as creatives, so the collaboration’s purpose was formed around our own personal journey in life”, says Swedish House Mafia.

The collection consists of more than 20 items for producing and performing music in a home setup, as well as solutions for listening to music. The collection includes a record player; LED floor, wall and work lamps; a clock; stands for laptops, tablets, speakers, and records; a desk, two options of shelving units, an armchair; four options of bags, including an accessory, a record and a laptop bag; rug and slippers in two sizes; a throw and a cushion cover.

Of greatest interest to music producers are:

  • The OBEGRÄNSAD shelving unit, a remake of KALLAX that’s designed with an extra space for amplifiers and a higher unit;
  • An OBEGRÄNSAD desk, with speaker stands and a pull-out shelf; and
  • OBEGRÄNSAD stands for laptop, tablet and speakers.

“We wanted to simplify the process for people to create music. Hopefully our collection inspires and enables more people to be more creative within their home and it does not have to be restricted to only music making, it can be so much more”, says Swedish House Mafia.

OBEGRÄNSAD is designed as an affordable collection, with a classic black aesthetic and minimalistic, sleek design that supports the technology and how it is used. As Swedish House Mafia put it, “The design in our collection features a timeless theme with a distinct trace of our DNA.”

The collection is expected to be available in October. See the IKEA site for details (pdf).

18 thoughts on “IKEA & Swedish House Mafia Team Intro OBEGRÄNSAD Home Studio Line

  1. Instead of showing us circles forming it would be nice to actually see products in a workspace area. Ikea built to last well a year.

      1. Same here with IKEA book shelves…with 15 years of moving from the pacific region to Europe…the shelves are still in really good shape..

        1. IKeA knows how to make decent shelves and how to price them really low to deaw customers into their stores…
          Not so sure about about these products which probably puts more money in SHMs pockets than in the pockets of the owners of the factories that makes these kinda limited products…
          Obegränsad means limitless in Swedish, but they seem to be just the opposite…

  2. Mindblowing, just: Mind. Blowing!
    I could never imagine IKEA creating a shelf unit! 😮
    Now, if some of the shelves could be kitted out to subwoofers…

    Also good thinking with the rug, guessing you can nail them to your walls to get affordable soundproofing!

  3. I think this is cool. A lot of smaller towns don’t have access to decent studio stuff that you can go and see and touch before buying, but most medium to larger cities have an IKEA at least sorta near by. My Jerker desk is going strong after many years so if they can do more studio-specific stuff, I’m down.

  4. Yes, but what about all the great stuff that was shown on Ikea hacks, they could have been re-packaged with a music-maker friendly re-design? I don’t see anywhere I could put any of the gear I own other than a laptop, turntables and records. Ikea should have had a peak at all the 3D-printed stands and laser cut wood stuff being sold on online marketplaces I do not need to name.

    It’s 2022, not 2002! We are overwhelmed by tabletop gear, Eurorack modules and Pedals.

  5. “democratize music production at home” – what a gibberish.
    And btw – the time, when Ikea was cheap AND good quality are long gone….

    1. Admin: Personal attack deleted.

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  6. the irony here is that IKEA actually is the Swedish House Mafia, they are Swedish, they are in everyone’s house, and they always ‘make you an offer you can’t refuse’.

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