Intech Studio Launches Knot Pocket-sized USB MIDI Host

Intech Studio has introduced Knot – a portable, multifunctional USB MIDI host box that ties together analog gear, like synthesizers, groove boxes or guitar pedals with MIDI controllers.

Users of Knot can connect any TRS MIDI instrument with another USB device by plugging them both into this tiny host box. One of its virtues is the inclusion of an A/B switch, that allows convenient changing between different TRS MIDI wiring modes and makes Knot compatible with all manufacturer designs.

And, if you’re into programming, the firmware can be modified to your needs, because it is open-source. All basic sources and assets of Knot are available on Github, where future extensions will be added as well.

“By adding this host box to our variety of products,” the developers note, “initially we strived to clear the way for all of those who were struggling to connect their synths with Grid, our USB single-cable signature modular controller. However, we realized the hardware can have a way more complex functionality, than just a simple host device by allowing the software to become open-source and publicly available for individual adjusting.

Just like with Grid, we aim to take on our philosophy of creating a tech tool that can be a source of inspiration for a community of innovative creatives. We don’t believe in gatekeeping, instead we choose to evolve together on this journey.”


Pricing and Availability

Knot is available now to pre-order for $89 USD (normally $119)

2 thoughts on “Intech Studio Launches Knot Pocket-sized USB MIDI Host

  1. Last year I got a product called DOREMiDi which has a similar feature set. In its favor, it has 5 pin MIDI din jacks, however, it is a little finicky about what devices it will talk to.

    What’s nice about the KNOT is that this mode switch might make it more compatible with different devices, and the fact that the firmware is open-source is a plus. I hope that they will also continue to develop the firmware if bugs arise. But once they get it working, it won’t need much maintenance, if any.

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