Cre8audio West Pest Synthesizer Review

The latest Axis of Wold offers a review of the Cre8audio West Pest synthesizer.

Created in partnership with Pittsburgh Modular Synthesizers, West Pest is a semi-modular monophonic desktop synthesizer, integrating imaginative sound-shaping tools with traditionally “west coast” concepts.

West Pest has at its core 8 patchable modules (Oscillator, wave contour, dynamics controller, LFO, multi-mod tool, MIDI to CV converter, step sequencer, and button keyboard), with 18 Eurorack compatible patch points. West Pest is patched internally to create a flexible full synth voice. Using the patch points, though, lets you reroute internal signal flow, as well as use with external Eurorack format modules and synthesizers.

Video Summary:

“This video is a rather personal review of West Pest by @Cre8audio. A synthesizer in the west coast style for a surprisingly low price, just $249. What does it has to offer? And how true is it to the west coast synthesis pioneered by Don Buchla?”

Topics covered:

Intro 0:00
Overview 3:22
Making a Track 8:43
Arpeggiator 20:56
Together with Eurorack 24:58
Multifunction Capability 30:09
Final Words 35:00

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4 thoughts on “Cre8audio West Pest Synthesizer Review

  1. Love the synth, but this guy’s voice putting me to sleep.

    That being said, I’ve never used Buchlas and seeing their prices, I probably never would have. Thanks to Crea8audio & the Moog Mavis, we all can experience west coast synthesis.

  2. Nothing I hate more than snarky people leaving negative reviews of budget-priced instruments.
    Complaining about a $250 semi modular because it’s not as creamy as your Buchla Music Easel.
    I fully support affordable synths, and I appreciate Cre8audio for doing what they do for us poor folks (Niftycase etc) The Beast/Pest are their first standalone offering so they may have some production kinks to work out.
    I bought the West Pest on Saturday. I loved the sound of it, and I expected a learning curve because I am inexperienced with the West Coast aesthetic. By Sunday I was putting down some sequences but having some issues with the sync, both midi & cv not quite working for me. Half of the patch points are sync related, there’s no I/o on the back, even audio out comes from patch panel. Ok fine. Still cool. RTFM. Give it some time. Now i can play it with the seq/arp disabled, but could not input any steps with seq enabled, couldn’t make a sound with seq enabled. I wanted to like this little guy so I tried every knob, every secondary function, 4 bit display mode, RTFM again, turned it off/on, no cables patched other than audio out, no active LFO….did I mention I was playing patterns back yesterday, first day having it? Now sequencer flat out doesn’t work. Like I said I hate bad reviews based on taste or lack of features but after buying it Saturday, playing it Sunday, troubleshooting it Monday I will be returning it Tuesday & getting a Moog Mavis. Good concept, fun synth, needs work on the making.

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