Patchwork Dreaming, A Short Documentary About The Love Of Patching Modular Synthesizers

Art magazine Chapter shared this short documentary, Patchwork Dreaming, looking at musicians who use modular synths, and the appeal of modular synthesis.

The video features two modular artists, Jamaica Suk & Electric Indigo, performing with their modular rigs and sharing their thoughts on the love of patching.


Videography & Editor Frank Zerban
Sound Jamaica Suk, Electric Indigo
Creative Producer Vanessa Mitchell
Chapter TV Producers Clemens Steinmüller, Dzenana Mujadzic

6 thoughts on “Patchwork Dreaming, A Short Documentary About The Love Of Patching Modular Synthesizers

  1. now, that was a cool video to watch; no commercials, no waving hands, you cold see their face, they talked interestingly, no joke, or ice breakers, calm studied, and composed.

    patching is a art.

  2. Its funny that I don’t personally relate to modulars when I have to patch ANYthing I do, even in my slab synths. It just depends on how you prefer your modules. After this, I get it a little more, because both of them produced some intriguing, excellent sounds. It was serious fun to follow their “tunes.”

    I’m too piano-minded, because music with that footing generally has a focused beginning and end. Modular works end when you SAY they end! 😀

    1. Dave, I’m very piano minded too. I generally setup my modular to play live backing tracks and percussion; then I improvise over it all with my Prologue 16. tbh, my favorite Prologue patch is a piano like sound with triangle VCO and a wavetable oscillator. I really miss the una corda and sostenuto pedals though. someday my baby grand will return to me…

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